Monday, April 21, 2008


Mom tagged me to 'write my memoir using only 6 words'. Six words? hmm...

Compassionate (literary buffs aka Laura: kəm-pāsh'ə-nĭt)
Genuine (authentic)
Empathic (from the Greek word, εμπάθεια, meaning to suffer with)
Bubbly (lively; effervescent; enthusiastic)
Spirited (Old French: espirit; Latin: spiritus; to breathe)
Human (for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23)

How would you describe yourself? Or can you think of another word that better describes me? Let me know.


  1. great list... except... εμπάθεια isn't a verb (so it can't mean "to" anything). it's an adjective meaning affection, passion, or partiality.

    sorry hun ;)

  2. in response to your comment, I love philippians :) I had chapter 1 memorized at one point like 2 or 3 years ago, and want to eventually memorize the whole book cuz it's a good one, and also HOW WAS THE FIRST DAY?????? Maybe I'll call you tomorrow on my way to Barrie. and let me know about when I can visit or if you know what will work out!

  3. TSK,tsk, Shanon, Niki only said the funny spelled line is like a root word, ehm, Nicole, six (6)??? :) was just not enough, eh?
    You got the main six pretty right on, thanks for taking the tag, are you passing it on?
    Yes, how was the first day?

  4. The six words are in bold...the rest are merely descriptive. Because my 7th word would be 'talkative', but that'd be redundant, you all know I love to talk.

    sheesh, people.