Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Today is day 3 of placement. I'm not really enjoying it too much, it's a lot of filing-redoing their whole filing system in fact. :( Like Mrs. S said, it's not a life long love affair-it's only for two weeks.

Then I need to find a real job, seriously. I've been applying and will give Mrs. S my resume, because apparently a number of employers are asking her for graduates. Why do my own job search when she has a list of people wanting to hire students??

Today I'm feeling overwhelmed with things that I can't write about...gah. Too many things going on, all at once. I wish there weren't secrets, then life would be waaaay easier. I also wish that there weren't so many changes happening all at once either.

I have to go to work now. Work...yeah right, when people go to work they get PAID. None of this free labour business. It would be more bearable if I understood what I was doing. I go. Pray for strength to get through the day, energy until I can afford/find iron pills, motivation to do a job I don't understand, and encouragement.

Thanks friends!
nicole (that's what they call me at work placement too)


  1. I'm back to reading your archives and I'm in March 2007: The Dinghy Run.

    You posted the picture of us with the cop on the internet!!




  2. ps: we should do it again this year when the field floods again, but this time we should wear lifejackets and see what they say.

  3. Oh my Nicole is being called Nicole :) Niki is nice too, but really, to me, you're Nicole. :)
    So you don't get paid for this? Is this at the Artsy place? Hump day, you're almost trough the first week. Give yourself a break, girl! You only just started. It takes time to learn things. Love ya!

  4. You joined a dragonboat team? I never knew that...Quel randomness.

    Something in the library is making loud, obnoxious noises. I want it to stop.

    It's over now, like 20 minutes later (I've decided to make one long comment instead of a million short ones every time I think of a comment).

    I like your post from June 18/07 - the one about the chain email you got. I appreciate it also.

    I hope we actually do the I Am Coming walk this summer. I really want to.

    Your October 22 post was massive.
    Sheerly huge. I don't think those two adjectives or whatever they ares go together. Meh.

    I'm also an emotional sap and felt like crying when I read about your surprise homecoming at Christmas - it just seemed so happy. :) I'm so glad you went.

    That buzzing noise is back.

    I've been writing this comment over the course of like, an hour. Whew archives.

    I liked your post in January about why women are better than men.

    And now I've finished reading all your blog entries.

    I'm officially your stalker friend.

    *with love,
    Your Stalker