Thursday, April 10, 2008

this may be long, pull up a seat

I have many thoughts tonight and have decided things to be categorized. So, in no particular order...

Downtown Hamilton:
I suppose there really IS something about people that live downtown in cities-unless this breed of people is unique to Hamilton. People here are weird. For instance...

1) "Spread the Love" girl-probably the most unique person I have encountered in my time in downtown, thus far. She came into the store where I'm doing placement a few days ago to 'spread the love'. She wants to take a barbeque (barbecue?? ...BBQ!) on a city bus from Stoney Creek to downtown Hamilton to have a city wide BBQ/Love-fest, in which 'we all need to, like y'know, spread the love'. She cracks me up. She came in the next day and told us all about how the sandwich she was eating reminded her of her ex-husband ('like my ex-husband, not boyfriend-but we broke up too, like a couple weeks ago-they like need the love, man'). She's absolutely hilarious.

2) Then there was the girl today who wearing flip flops and an extra large sweatshirt (and likely nothing else) walked up and down King Street shouting out "the streets is calling, the streets is CALL-ING!" and was selling hip-hop cd's for $5.

3) Or the man in a wheelchair who yesterday was so abusive to our bus driver that his face was beet red from screaming at the poor driver! Something must've happened when the driver helped the man off the bus, because at the next stop about 5 police showed up and we were all asked to transfer to the bus behind us. All we could gather was that the man did something either to the bus or to the driver, the police all had their notepads out and were inspecting the bus. 

4) Maurice. This wonderful older gentleman who is probably the town's most notorious volunteer-er-er? Anyways, he came in today while I was working by myself in the office to make a bunch of photocopies and was talking about the importance of valuing people. "Nicole, raise your hand-closer to your head now, straight bend it, and pat yourself on the back! Because no one else will, you need to remember to give yourself a pat on the back." He's really not bitter about volunteering or the lack of recognition-he's just an older man wanting to pass on wisdom to the younger generation. He was such a gem to have in the office while I worked away this morning!

and the many, many, many others. I wish I could just videotape them all, but I think I might get punched-after all, downtown is not the safest place.

Work Placement

This has gotten MUCH better since Monday's post. Yesterday I hung an art show! Which means I got a pile of paintings and was asked to arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Which I did. Seriously, it looks awesome (took me a day to admit that, but now that I have, I'm quite proud of my work)!

Today I worked by myself for many hours which meant I was taking a lot of phone messages. I apparently talked to some dignitary, one of the Ontario Supreme Court judges! He was really friendly. :) I had quite a varied day today, it included trying to troubleshoot printer problems, discovering papers from 1988, sharing my desk with a nice young man (*wink*), prepping photo frames, and wandering around the boutique because the nice young man was working at my desk and I couldn't do anything else. Oh right, and filing. How could I forget?

  • I've booked my flight to BC for June 2-16
  • I also booked my parents flight to Hamilton for June 16-21
  • Today I enjoyed two good coffees (one was even free!)
  • I bought iron pills-and for even cheaper than the apparently cheapest brand!
  • I have applied for a f/t position downtown Hamilton (scary! ...the area, not the job)
  • Tomorrow I may go with some girlfriends to the pier and go for a nice walk. yay!
  • Last night was full of busyness, but it was good busyness
  • I will get to bed early tonight
  • I have most of my volunteers confirmed for ELC
  • I think I will enjoy a nice warm cup of tea while reading my Bible tonight
  • Rebecca St. James is superb ("God", the song I'm listening to I sang as special music about 10 years ago) 
I just got off the phone with four wonderful people (not all at once), and I'm happy. Thanks God for great people who have patience to listen to me ramble. :) (and for those same great people that enjoy reading my blog...)

Finally, Lauren's comments on my last post had me going back to read different blog entries. The one about the chain letter I wrote last June almost brought me to tears. At one point the author hopes that the reader will see puppies born, and one time see your old dog put to sleep. I'm not ready to go back to BC and not have Rocky there...he was such a good friend. :( Now at 24 I find myself wishing there will be dogs in heaven.


  1. Ahw, I feel the same way and you never know. We don't really know much about heaven.
    Nice post!

  2. I still feel sad about the fact that my rabbit isn't with me anymore.
    So...I understand the feeling.

    Also, I forget the other thing that I was going to comment on...sooooooooo:


    ps: i'm sad you werent at Sanctuary this morning. We had 6 of us ladies there! ooooohhhh new record!