Friday, March 28, 2008

no answer on the home front, so...

Well mom, dad... you didn't answer the phone, and I want to post my news :) ...please still call me, save me from cleaning the house!

This morning we were given our work placements, where we'll be working for 2 weeks starting April 7. I had REALLY hoped for a school or some charity/not-for-profit kind of organization, sadly I didn't get placed where I had hoped. I've been praying that I would be content wherever, but when I got my placement at an art gallery downtown, I nearly cried. I couldn't have been more upset, until my friend Melissa and I told each other where we were going and both wished we got the other one's posting! I trust that God has a reason for putting me there (thanks for that reminder, Melissa)... but sometimes I just want what I want. You know?

Anyway, so because we were getting our placement on break, I was 20 minutes late for work and was pretty upset. After talking to Rita, my boss, she affirmed that my position at Arts Hamilton is a great placement, besides it's not just anyone who gets to work with the Executive Director for two weeks! I so appreciate Rita's encouragement!
And... my partners and I got perfect on our final project in our Computer Skills (MS Publisher/Project) class. :)

Oh right, and I have no more classes. I'm done!!!! I have one accounting assignment (take-home final exam) and two finals to write next week, then I'm finished. I go to my work placement April 7-18, and graduation is two months later on June 18.

There's great news with graduation too-my parents are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

So life is good. And, my apartment is getting really clean. I've spent the last 3 hours doing some heavy duty cleaning, and I have a number of clothes for charity. It's crazy how much we accumulate!

Life is good.


  1. That is great Cole I am glad that you got the job and don't stress about the placement it will be awsome. Anyway I am doing enough stressing out for both of us. I wish that I was done classes too, oh well only two weeks left.

  2. Congratulations from your proud Mama!

  3. I bet you will find that you a:enjoy your work placement more than you ever thought, or b:look back on it years later and realise that it was very helpful in determining something important, or c:end up hating art forever and burning down the place. Either of the first two are good, and the third option is at least fun, so there you go. Congrats on Grad-jee-ate-ing (that's unedumecated speak for 'graduating')(I'm colluj edumecated)(hukt on fonix wurkt for me!)