Monday, March 31, 2008

many much postings

I'm done. (mostly). Today I did my last bit of homework, not associated with work placement, it was my accounting final exam (hand in). I'm done!!!! The next few weeks look like this:

March 31-April 6:
Monday:'s done.
Tuesday: final exam 11-1; work at PTC 1-4:30; find my placement downtown and explore 4:30-7:00; 7:00-9:30 ELC prayer/planning meeting
Wednesday: last day of work in DS with my student, 9-4:30; last MCF club meeting 12-1 that I can attend; Peer Mentor appreciation dinner 5-7; life together (bible study) 7-9; Jenny to sleep over
Thursday: final exam 8-11; work at PTC 11-4 (last training session for my replacement); 4-6:30 dinner with PTC coworkers at Kelsey's; 6:30-8:30 Executive dinner for student clubs at the college
Friday: work at PTC 9-3:30; drive to Buffalo to pick up bridesmaids' dresses
Saturday/Sunday: Buffalo with L&J :)

April 7-13
Monday-Friday: work placement @ Arts Hamilton
Saturday: Sanctuary; half-birthday for Phlamanda & Phliki (that's Amanda and I)
Sunday: possible pre-conference ELC information session after church

April 14-20
Monday-Thursday: work placement @ Arts Hamilton
Friday: work placement @ Arts; party for Shannon being back in Hamilton (err, Caledonia)
Saturday: 2008 Student Appreciation Awards 5:30-8:00; Scott & Laurie's stag & doe 8:00-sleepy time
Sunday: Tellering, thankfully only one service this week

April 21-27 (ELC week) come.

Wow. That's a lot. I know I'm missing stuff, I just know it. Would you believe things are getting quieter? Really.

Not only was that a lot...I'm sure that was really  boring. I will not be offended if  you just scrolled to the bottom to read "real text"...*cough* everyone but my mom *cough*


  1. I read every last word of that...except for the words that I skipped...which was many...i'm going to go have a banana now...

  2. I'm tired from all the busyness in your life! Take some "ME" time.
    No, not for me, for yourself! :)

  3. How are you going to eat 2 dinners on Thursday?

  4. guess you don't have time for a games night on a Tuesday or Wednesday night!
    Wow girl when are you going to take some time for you? We need to do coffee again soon!! Sure miss hanging out with you!! Love ya!!

  5. oops.. wrote that under Jason's name.. sorry Niki!!

  6. Looks like we're going to have to have half a cake at 9 in the morning next week Saturday.
    Yayyyy cake for breakfast!
    mmmm my favourite.

    As long as my teeth don't turn blue.
    (I STILL FEEL BAD ABOUT THAT whenever I think of poor