Thursday, March 13, 2008

long days are almost over...

I remember in high school on the way to youth group one night the group of us (Kristine, Jenni, Jordan, Liz ...) were riding along in the van and were laughing about the concept of removable limbs. This is one of my favourite memories, as I remember we talked about wouldn't it be funny if we had buttons to detach our limbs? You know how you get really sore and you just wish you could chop off a leg so you don't feel the tingling sensation? Maybe you don't, but we did. The funniest part was imagining someone coming up behind you and pressing both buttons on your shoulder blades (that's were the buttons to remove your arms would be, obviously) and both arms falling off-how on earth were you supposed to get them back on? I still laugh at that memory (and I'm still trying to imagine a way that someone would get the arms back on if someone were to play such a cruel prank). Anyway, the reason that memory came back to me tonight is because my limbs are sore and I wish I could just take them off and place them to the side, just long enough for me to unwind.

Today I saw something I shouldn't have, but that made me very happy. I have to pick up my boss' mail on Thursdays because she doesn't work, and sometimes mail comes for me too. The problem is, a lot of the staff at outlying campuses send the mail to her name, but really it's my work (student contracts, hired applicants paperwork for processing, etc.). So anyway, whenever something comes addressed to her on a Thursday, I always have to take a peek to see if it's really for me. Well today I peeked and saw something not for me but about me instead. It was good. I can't say what it was-mostly because I don't want to get my hopes up about what it might mean...but the little bit I saw before I realized it wasn't mine, was good. eeee!

Today I did dishes. I haven't done them in a long time...well, too long for me anyways. But they're clean now, with the exception of a few that are soaking (cake batter needs a little bit of soak-time).

Then tonight I went outside to throw something in the compost and kicked over a box of chocolates someone left on my doorstep! I have an inkling as to who it might be-but whoever it was made me smile.

Finally, I'm seriously contemplating ditching facebook. I never thought I'd say that, as it's a great way to stay in touch with's also a great way to eat up valuable time. So far I've just been withdrawing and just going on to answer messages (even that I haven't been good at). It's just so pointless. It was cool when it was new, but now it's become a way of life, people are even using terms like "I'll facebook you" and referring to facebook as if it were the only thing that mattered. Pretty sure the novelty has worn off. Besides, the people I talk to most on there are the people I see regularly-so it's not even as if it's for people at home, like I had intended.

I've got accounting homework to do.


  1. Today I saw you in the library and you were so cute :) You make me smile.

    I tried to catch your attention as I left but there was no way you could've heard me since you were talking to someone and I was basically just whispering your name loudly as I walked past. I didn't really feel that yelling at you in the library would be such the great idea.

    So, um, my group didn't get any pictures of us talking to students at our human trafficking awareness thing on wednesday. and we were wondering if we could use you as a person in a picture with us. We're considering staging a photo op of us in front of our awareness board dealie b/c we didn't get around to photographing the real thing on Wednesday. Let me know what times you're free and we can maybe set something up.

    The group is meeting next week Thursday between 11 and 1, so if that's an ideal time for you that would be great, but if not we'll work something else out.

    In other news, I enjoy the fact that on your list of friends' blogs, Amanda and my names (how do you make that possessive? Guh grammar...) are a different colour. It also makes me smile.

    Something in here smells like....

    It's onions.



  2. I see that I have lots of catching up to do; all over!
    That's a good photo about human trafficking. I'm happy to see that more and more people are aware of it and getting involved!
    The snow you can keep, or send it further east, facebook is something you might have outgrown; speaking of, it's great to see you grow and mature in a good and healthy way!
    You're a smart young lady! XO!