Monday, March 24, 2008

I'd rather be sleeping

Are you familiar with the game "Would You Rather"?

Niki, would you rather work on your homework until midnight or sleep?

Usually the choices are much more dramatic, like eat poop or fall of a cliff. Silly teenage boy game.

Anyways, I'd rather be sleeping.  Instead I'm online because I SHOULD be doing my portfolio. Which is turning out to be pretty awesome. Seriously.

But, I have GREAT news...

My mom (and maybe even my dad *fingers crossed*) is flying out here for my graduation!!! Good thing I have a couple months notice to clean ;) ...!

Back I go.


  1. there is nothing wrong with a good game of would you rather. and if sleep is an option, I always choose that. Go to bed!

  2. yayyyyyyyyy Niki! That's super exciting!
    I hope I get to meet your mum. :)

    Would you Rather is a game we often played to pass the time whilst slaving away in the apple orchards during the hot summers at Tigchelaar's. Good. Times.

    Enough said.