Saturday, January 05, 2008

visions of BFA dancing in my head

Some of you may or may not know this, but in November 2003 I got the call to serve in missions, but had no idea in what capacity. Within 7 months I knew that at that time, Camp Kawkawa was my missions field. I raised the support, fully intending to go only for the summer so that I could return to Bible school to 'become a real missionary'. Instead, God kept me at camp for nearly a year and a half, showing me that wherever he placed me, I was to be living out his call in my life.

So, whether overseas or in my workplace, I've been trying to be a light for Christ. How true it is that we need people who's mission field is right here at home, it's my firm belief that we keep training missionaries and sending them out to some of the most reached people groups of the world (and some not, mind you), and forgetting about the lost here at home. How many kids are growing up in a world of Holiday Seasons and Islam Awareness Months, and yet don't even know who Jesus Christ is? I believe in tolerance for all faiths, and I feel that where we in North America are lacking, is that we have tolerance for every faith, except for faith in the God of the Bible.

I have been looking for opportunities to serve God, right here at home. I have worked in soup kitchens, food banks, gone on downtown mission trips in Vancouver with youth groups, yet I've always felt that God uses me best when I'm not 'trying' to be a missionary. Does that make sense?

I'm going somewhere with this post, promise.

A long time ago, I don't even remember when, I heard about Black Forest Academy in Germany. BFA is a school for kids grades 1-12, usually from missionary families, although international businesspeople who want a North American education for their kids can also apply to send their kids there. So, hmm...

I love kids
Always wanted to be a teacher
Still want to work in a school
Enjoyed camp ministry-living and eating with kids 24/7
Loved youth ministry-discipling teens
I have a heart for missions

...hmm. BFA is a school. A school full of kids who need love, discipleship, guardians, and who have grown up with missionary parents. It seems like a likely fit. To be honest, I still have no idea.

This is my 'plan' (subject to change at a moments notice, God does that). I can't apply for the next school year for two reasons, 1) the deadline was January 1 (biggest obstacle), 2) my best friend is getting married in September, a long and expensive flight away from Germany (smaller obstacle). So...I was thinking, what about applying for September 2009? It works in the following ways:

-Laura will be already married by this point
-friends Gen & Brad who's wedding I will be in, will be in the summer of 2009
-I will have found someone to take over my ministries @ COTR
-because God is good and if He wants me there, He'll get me there

God has a perfect plan for my life and all things will work out for Him. It's a really exciting thought to think of fulfilling many of my life dreams in one job: living in Europe (oh yeah and I already speak German), working with kids and teens, being on the missions field and still serving north america (not that I'm opposed to going to Timbuktu, if called to), working in a school-they need office staff!

It seems too perfect. Which is why I'm going to be praying a lot about it, instead of sending off an application foolishly. aaahh!! (that's an excited scream, by the way)

I only have one reservation, one that I'll pray about and although I'm not sharing it, ask you to pray that God would make clear to me what I'm supposed to do. How cryptic...

eee! and on that note, I'm going to try and get some sleep. yeah. right.


  1. Europe, with all the Muslim immigration, who are rapidly multiplying and the native population's disinterest in God, it's a field in desperate need of missionaries!
    Did you get Mischo V.s e-mails too? I posted them.
    I expect that in the future non-muslims will flee Europe.

  2. we would be glad to have you in any capacity, and the kids would love you!