Wednesday, January 09, 2008

so much for a day off

So Wednesdsays are technically my day off, I have no classes. Unfortunately my other days are so full of everything else, this hardly feels like a day off. Up at 8am on a day off is nothing unusual for me, but I really would love to sleep in.
Last night I made a to-do list of things I need to do today. So of course I tossed and turned during the night thinking about everything I had to do.
And look, I'm online. *sigh*

I'm going to go tackle that list now. I'll be back tonight or later this week with a happier blog entry.


  1. What's so important that's keeping you from sleeping? Relax! Do the things that can't wait first, then, if there's time, do tackle the rest. Stressing only makes it tougher for you and doesn't help one bit.
    R E L A X ! Give it all to God and sleep peacefully. You'll learn.
    I did :)

  2. Hey, I nearly forgot about blogs. Fortunately Darrell included a link to his blog in his email update.
    Anywho, good to hear what God is up to elsewhere. It's good to make valuable plans (I wish the wife and I could go overseas and do something like what Darrell is doing - it sounds so exciting, but I guess God has called us specifically to be where we are and make a difference with what time we have) and having good intentions is not inherently bad - at least it shows where your heart is. Okay, this is looking more like a post than it is a comment - well, we wish you well for this new year. GB