Friday, December 21, 2007

this is scary

My dad sent me this e-mail, here's a portion. I think it's really important you read it, regardless of your faith.

What do you think would happen if students in your local public middle school brought home a word puzzle that, when solved, spelled out the following?

"There is no Savior but Jesus Christ."

There would be outrage from the ACLU. Some angry parents would protest. There might be threats of a lawsuit. After all, no child in a public school today brings home any puzzles that exalt one religious belief over another.

Or do they?

Thanks to our growing network of local chapters and members, recently we were apprised of a series of pro-Islamic activities taking place in some California public schools. Click on the first link below and you will see a word puzzle brought home by some children who attend an intermediate school in Corona, California.

Click to see the word puzzle

Now click on the following link and note that the circled letters spell out the phrase "There is no god but Allah." This is what students saw after completing the puzzle. Some parents complained, and it's our understanding the principal checked into it and this no longer happens.

Click here to see the completed puzzle

7th graders at the same school brought home drawings depicting the five pillars of Islam. To see one of the drawings, click below.

Kids pictures [this doesn't disturb me as much as the puzzles above, only because I'm not familiar with it]

Some children in an elementary school in Chino Hills, California, sang songs celebrating Ramadan along side songs celebrating Thanksgiving. To see the song lyrics, click on the link below.

Song lyrics

In another instance, a California high school proclaimed "Islamic Awareness Week." But when a parent complained, the principal pulled the plug on this program.

These examples raise some very disturbing questions. Why is Islam being taught and celebrated in some of our public schools in a way that other religions, such as Christianity and Judaism, aren't? Why are songs about Islam being sung during the Islamic holiday Ramadan, while public schools routinely prohibit the singing of Christmas carols and have replaced "Christmas break" with "winter break"? Why would a school proclaim "Islamic Awareness Week" when it is unheard of for a school to proclaim "Christian Awareness Week" or "Jewish Awareness Week"?

One community leader put it this way: "Our public schools have been blitzed by Muslims demanding Ramadan songs to be sung in classes and requiring the schools to allow them to introduce "the benefits of Islam" hand-outs to all the students (based upon their constitutional rights and equal access)."

Scary, eh?

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  1. It is worrisome and many people have no clue. In Ontario there was an attempt to establish sharia courts for Muslims, by some, others were aghast and fought it, since they left that behind in their old country and didn't want to have to be subjected to such unfair treatment towards women. Their not so secret plan to make the whole world islamic, by deceit and force.
    Then again, God is in control in the end. People can plot, but God will win.