Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm off!!

Hey, just letting you know that I'm headed off on my Christmas adventures and so I won't be blogging for a couple days. Here's the plan:

Sunday (today):
1) go to a small little town with my friends Brad & Gen to visit Brad's dad's family and celebrate with them
2) come back to Hamilton, but stay at Brad & Gen's

Monday: celebrate Christmas Eve with Gen's mom here in Hamilton

Tuesday: celebrate Christmas Day with them again, and then come back home


I had other invites too, but they had asked me first and so I'm going with them. I'm looking forward to possibly having a white Christmas, just a little anxious about travelling in that kind of weather. I'm sure it'll be okay!

Those of you who I won't see, I'll miss you, but I promise I'll see you soon! Mom, dad, have a great Christmas with everyone-sorry the cookies won't be there in time. I love you both!!



  1. That's OK, thank you. We'll enjoy them just as much after Christmas :) Hopefully we'll connect by phone on Christmas day.

  2. travel safely. Or if you are already back from travel (it is Tuesday), then I'm glad you travelled safely. Enjoy time with friends and family, that's the best part of christmas!