Monday, December 31, 2007

honeymoon is over and I'm still here

I soon realized that even 10 days away might be more than my family and I could handle, especially at this busy time of year. Don't get me wrong, I've had a good time, I've enjoyed seeing people, it's been great catching up with my parents...but, I could NEVER move back here, at least not to my parent's house. At least not while my brother still lives here.

During the busy Christmas season, while his (apparently annoying) little sister is home, my brother finally decided to quit smoking. YAY, because smoking is bad. NOT yay, because he's a real grump when he tries to quit. On top of it all, he failed to mention to anyone but his fiance (who he doesn't live with) that he was quitting. Him and I aren't talking anymore.

That aside, it's been mostly awesome. Saturday night I cooked a lasagna dinner for my parents, grandparents, brother's fiance, and family friend. Unfortunately my mom was sick and couldn't join us for dinner-but I made more than enough, so hopefully she will be able to have some later this week. It turned out REALLY well. A huge thank-you to my mom's friend, because without her I probably would've broken down and cried-a lot of things were going wrong. In the end it all worked out, and we were able to serve 4 different desserts, plus the tray of goodies my nana brought. It was a gooooood night. Especially afterwards when we played the game "I Have Never..."

Yesterday was church and I saw SO many people. I also saw a lot of people I didn't recognize; it's a hard adjustment to come back and visit the church that has changed so much in the time I've been away. I have to understand that it's no longer my home-church, but I have so many deep-rooted memories there. I saw my friend Rob who got married a couple weeks ago and met his wife's little ones. I actually knew his wife in high school, we played rugby together-but it had slipped my mind till Bronwyn pointed it out. I got to go for lunch with two of the youth girls and we've started making plans for my trip in June.

That's right, eventhough I just said 'the honeymoon's over', I plan on coming back-and in 6 months, no less! One of our youth girls is graduating from high school and I've long promised that I had come home for her graduation, no matter where I was-so on June 13, I'll be back to see her graduate.

Coming back then is also making me feel less guilty about not being able to see everyone-as my schedule is quickly filling up and I leave on Thursday. Tonight I'm headed to Burnaby to visit a friend and celebrate New Years' with a bunch of gals, and sleep-over at her place. Tomorrow is a family dinner, across the river in Langley. Wednesday a friend from CBC wants to get together, Thursday morning I leave. There are still SO many people I haven't seen. I've already made a few dates for June-way to stress myself out, 6 months in advance.

I'm going back home soon, and I'm looking forward to a couple days of unwinding before it all starts again. *sigh* Why do I do this?? WHY? I seriously wish I knew how to take it easy, but I just don't.

forever busy,

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  1. Looks like I will likely be one of the ones that won't get to see you while you are here this time. That is unless you stop by my place either tonight, or tomorrow.

    If I don't see you, have a happy new year.