Thursday, December 27, 2007

aah, home.

So I know some of you are really curious how a) this all came about and b) how it went. It, of course, pertaining to the surprise trip home.

At the end of November a friend asked if I planned on going home for Christmas to which I responded, "I can't afford it". After some talks with friends and looking at my finances I decided that I don't have an abundance of money, but God has provided and this would be a great trip-so I started to investigate.


Sitting in my access class one day I was looking up flights and actually found one that was reasonably cheap, $592 return (before taxes) and with Air Canada to boot! I was about to buy the ticket (still in class), but couldn't because I forgot my Visa card at home-to avoid impulse buys. ;) I rushed home after work and bought my ticket.

The next question of course was how to tell my parents? So I just didn't. I figured it'd be pretty cool to surprise them, and so I kept it a secret from (most) everyone. I enlisted my brother's fiance to pick me up from the airport and she suggested we keep it a secret from my brother too, which was simple enough.


Christmas Day 2007. My flight landed in Vancouver just before 5 pm and Kandy was there with her daughters to pick me up from the airport-a little anxious because she hadn't got my message in time telling her what gate I'd arrive at. :S oops! We bundled up my nieces, who were SO cute and happy to see me!! :) and rushed out in the rainy-snow that is custom to Vancouver...ugh. (welcome back, it's raining!) We drove out to my grandparents house and found my brother sitting in his car waiting for Kandy and the girls to arrive. He was happy to see me and I only wish I could've seen his initial reaction-it was too dark out and he was too far away. I could tell he was happy though, which was fun!

I then asked my brother to do the honour of videotaping my entrance-more so, my parents reaction. haha...My brother went in first and here's the 'screenplay' as best I remember it:

[enter Mischo in front door with video camera]
Mami: oh! (mom was surprised that he decided to come, he had apparently told everyone that he wasn't coming to dinner)
Mischo: uh, I'm supposed to videotape this I guess?
[enter Kandy & girls]
Mami: you're here too, oh good!
[Niki attempts to enter, but has too many bags and the front entrance is full, waits outside]
Mami: don't you girls look cute?? [helps them take off their coats]
[family at the dinner table call out greetings]
[Mischo and Kandy look back to see if I'm coming in, no one notices]
[enter Niki]
Mami: speechless
Nana: for heaven's sake!! It's Nicole!!
Papi [gets up from table, quickly I might add] Bubble?!?

and then the rest is a flurry of activity. It probably doesn't sound nearly as entertaining as it was to be there, particularly right in the middle of it all.

Wednesday morning I got up and had a few phone calls with shocked people on the other end. Then my friend Ryan came and picked me up and we braved Boxing Day shoppers at Coquitlam Centre. Then we headed to Dairy Queen for our apparent 'now tradition' of ice cream on boxing day-so 2 years makes it 'tradition', apparently. :) It was fun. I came home and then went for a huge shopping spree with my dad and got some awesome deals-best ever was the 5 piece American Tourister luggage set for $80 from Costco!!

Today was another day of shopping, and nursing my dad as he has a REALLY sore shoulder. Tonight I'm going out with a friend from high school, probably to watch a movie.

So busy. Having a GREAT time.

Love Nicole

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  1. sounds like a classic surprise. I'm glad you got to do that, it's always nice to be around family for holidays (assuming you like your family). Hope your time doesn't go too quickly!