Thursday, October 11, 2007

in class

I'm in class and you can tell that I'm being incredibly challenged, seeing as I'm busy updating my blog!
I feel kind of bad, but on the other hand, I'm incredibly bored and understand what we're doing. I really wish I could be in bed instead right now...*sigh*
Just a quick update, two weekends ago Debbie, Mrs. LeaKer & I went to Websters Falls and enjoyed one of the last nice days to go for a hike. The colours on the leaves hadn't changed too much, but it was beautiful anyways! :) After our hike we went back to their house for pizza, just us girls-all the boys were away for the weekend.
Last weekend was Thanksgiving and I went with my friend Lisa to Bancroft, which is just bordering "Cottage Country". What a difference a 3 hour drive and a week makes on the trees! I seriously felt like I was walking in a painting, I just wish I had brought my camera!! One thing I LOOOOOVE about Ontario is how the change in seasons is so obvious, and BEAUTIFUL! It makes me wonder there aren't more Christians in this can you look around and NOT see God??
So yeah, a couple really good weekends! :)
Also, my printer went bust and the LeaKer's bought me a new one for my birthday! I told them I thought it was way too generous, and it wasn't necessary, but they insisted that I'm basically part of their family and that's just how they felt. How am I supposed to argue with that? It's been a huge blessing being able to print off homework at home and save money by not printing at school.
I am SO blessed!
My teacher is walking around now...I should sign off. Update more later.


  1. Wow!!!.....things are good at school I see, the tests went well? The Leaker's could always adopt you and your family :) as in us too, me too.
    A printer?! How nice is that. Do you see the halos above their heads? Your birthdays are rather profitable in the last couple of years.
    God is looking after you. I pray he blesses the Leaker family mightily.
    I know what you mean about experiencing the seasons, I miss that about home. Here the seasons are not as defined.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! Birthday girl, congratulations on the great test marks! You rock!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY guess i'll have a few dips into the fondue for you. Yes i'm alive and i really should go see your mom soon. anyways i'll email you sometime soon and actually let you know how my boring life is going *HUGS*

  4. Don't you just love those boring classes? At least you can be on a computer to entertain yourself. That's handy. Hope your autumn brings you joy and beauty and peace! Or piece, as in piece of pie. Mmm...pie.