Tuesday, August 28, 2007

what a day!

Okay, so this was another one of those "need to blog" days, it's just been too crazy.

First, I get up early to make coffee for a friend spending the night and THIS

happens...this is what happens when the steam from a kettle meets Niki's finger. Ouch. This picture was taken 15 hours after the fact...and it HURTS!

Day rolls along nicely...it's my last shift at Mohawk, find that I'll be getting a bonus paycheque for 37 hours of work, wahoo!!

Scene: Mohawk College, Niki's office. Enter recently engaged friend, Gen. *small talk ensues* We go get our ID cards updated, run an errand for printing, wander around the school trying to find specific people, to no avail. Then we return to my office (sounds fancy, doesn't it?) and as we're sitting, out of nowhere comes "so what colour do you want your bridesmaid dress to be?" wha?? YAY!!! They'll be getting married most likely in 2009, so there's lots of time to plan, and I get to be a bridesmaid! I suggested green-cuz I saw these really cool dresses...anyways, getting off track. I'm very excited to be a bridesmaid! :)

I worked an 8 hour day at Mohawk (well kind of, there was a lot of slack time because I'm just so darn good I finished all my big projects already)...then I went straight to Sobeys. ...wait, rewind. I called Sobeys to ask if they could spare me because I burnt my right index finger (the button pushing one) really badly and if at all possible I'd like to take the night off-nope, they're understaffed, so instead I went in early. *sigh*.

Back to the present. I worked at Sobeys for 5 1/2 hours, with someone I find very difficult to work with. Thankfully a manager was there and he spoke on my behalf, and I think he may have put the other person in place, because he was out of line, ie. hanging up the phone on me and bossing me around while he slacked off and attempting to write me up, although he apparently has no authority to do so. Anyways, it wasn't a good start-but by the end I think it went okay. I definitely want to get out of there though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this new job as a computerized notetaker.

I came home and there in my mailbox was a paycheque (expected, but still nice) and a $500 honorarium from the college for my summer job!! Wahooey.

Like I said, what a day.

Please excuse me jumping all over the place with times, *rewind, etc.*...I just read a book called Crow Lake and I think I picked up the author's tendency to write in a non-chronological order (did that make sense?). You know authors that jump over decades and don't warn you when they're changing storylines-what's the name for that? I feel I learned something about this in literary terms and definitions in high school, but can't remember the word. Anyway, that was a segway...or was it? Why am I full of all these fancy words? I don't know. Anyway, so you'll have to excuse my style of writing, I'm being influenced by reading one book by this author. Great author though...Mary Lawson, very engaging and emotional, I really enjoyed it!

Okay, so yeah, it was an interesting day. Tomorrow, Laura & I are going back-to-school shopping at the Outlet malls, yahoo!!!

much love,


  1. Ouch, that looks sore! Take care it doesn't get infected.
    Another bridesmaid? You sure are one busy lady! Love you!

  2. Great news overall NicNac... I like the fact your co-worker got "put in his place" those kind usually get their comeuppance. I also like the fact you're going to be a bridesmaid... nothing like practice for your own wedding! Ditto on the money you've received from the college... now go out and find yourself some good ointment/powder, etc. for it and get it wrapped up real good so that (as Mom says), it doesn't get infected... that happens easily with burns! AND QUIT BEING A KLUTZ!!! What did you do? Hold your finger over the boiling spout for awhle!? Man that looks sore... look after it 'kay?