Wednesday, January 17, 2007

yarn...I have a lot of it *caw*


So now that THAT is over. Tonight was Bible study and we were discussing Dave's morning message, "The Royal Law of Love". Today at school did I ever have an opportunity to put that message into action. We were at our Christian Fellowship when a group of other believers tried to take over the room eventhough we had booked it. Our Bible study had a pretty heated discussion as to what would be the right thing to do. Do you just give it to them? Do you compromise? Do you stand your ground? I don't expect anyone to have a decent answer for this question seeing as I'm being quite vague with details. I just don't want a repeat of earlier, I don't want this to turn to a politicial debate. I'm just wondering, how do you show love when it's hard? when it's not fair? when it's not reciprocated?

In other news, I have a lot of homework to do which means not a lot of sleeping will be getting done tonight. I guess it's not TOO much homework, but it's enough that I should be focusing on that, instead of this. I need to do some Microtranscription (typing from tape) and some English, for tomorrow. Friday, I have three classes, two of which I have no homework in, and the third I have a powerpoint presentation due.

At work (Mohawk), things have been going fairly well. I'm keeping busy, and I'm finally really getting the hang of it and feel like I'm beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. That, or a train is headed right at me! No really, I seem to be catching on and I can fly through the forms with speed, and I'm pretty sure with accuracy too. Sure hope so-people's paycheques have a little something to do with my work.

Speaking of paycheques!! Oh my gosh, I'll be getting about $120/week at Mohawk, which works out to $480/month, and if that's subsidized by decent hours at Sobeys (so far not yet), then I'll be okay. Here's hoping! I have my first shift at Sobeys on Saturday, as of tomorrow it'll be a whole month since I worked there. eek.

So yes, party this weekend. My house, be there. Or just stay in BC-whatever. :P

I have a message on my machine that I can't decipher...something about this weekend (I have no idea) if you're interested. Well, I would be, if I knew what it was, I'm sure. Oh well...and now the person's going to be gone for a couple days (in Vancouver, no less!). Try on Friday.

Annnnnnd...I'm outtie. (and I have an outtie too)

Love Niki


  1. Vancouver?? Maybe, if said person makes another trip out west, you could come along, or send that cookbook :) XOXOXO

  2. yeah...wishful thinking mom. It's a business trip, can't exactly tag along on those :P (not to say I wouldn't want to)

  3. i don't miss homework. i don't envy you at all.