Thursday, November 16, 2006


I turned off my alarm, but forgot to get out of bed and as a result slept through my first class. I was pretty upset, but made it to school and talked to my teacher and was able to write my test before I went to my next class. Then I went to Admin Skills to write my first of two filing tests. My teacher was sick so another teacher kindly offered to step in and facilitate the class for us so our class wouldn't get cancelled, and my classmates were so unbelievably rude. I thanked the supply afterwards and she was so appreciative. Why are people such jerks and so incredibly rude?

After I left class I saw some malicious girls at work. Anyone seen the movie, Mean Girls? That is my class. Girls can be so cruel, they will say things to manipulate others into a corner, and you never know who is the meanest. Everyone talks behind everyone's back, disrespects each other and I don't think I've ever heard so much swearing in a room full of girls. Ok, so there's one guy-but he's such a gentleman! You can tell that he wants to be nice, he treats me really well, but the 'mean' girls got their claws into him and he just follows along like a lost puppy. Poor guy.

This may sound really cruel, but I'm honestly hoping that what my friends have said is true, that by second semester some of the 'bad ones' will be weeded out already. I can't wait. I'm sick of going to school and having to listen to malicious girl talk, seeing people be disrespectful and listening to their drunken party stories. I'm at school to learn...if you're not, then don't bother coming.

I'm going to go into my own little world and create a beautiful webpage (I hope) now, and then go home and rest. I'm so unimpressed today.


  1. Oh dear, yes. even adults can behave that way, but you know, they do appreciate nice people and know they're wrong to be mean and gossipy, most do, anyway. Stay true to yourself and your values! I'm sooooooo proud of you! I'm impressed!

  2. I agree... Why are people such jerks and so incredibly nude?

  3. incredibly nude? I don't know about for rude, well I don't know about that either.

  4. i feel sorry for that guy. if he's as nice as you say he probably is someone with a rather low self-esteem who seems to have found some measure of acceptance and is willing to go along with the meanies just for that feeling. or he's secretly working at changing them from within. or he just doesn't care. or he's a woman in a really good disguise. take your pick.