Saturday, November 04, 2006


I once again have toothpaste, woohoo! I hadn't actually run out yet, so it's not THAT exciting, but I was getting to the last of the sample tubes that Kristy had given me. I'm very excited for toothpaste. I also splurged and got Scope: Cinnamon Ice flavour, mmm. And a toothbrush, but not for teeth brushing, who does that? This one is for cleaning, like that really annoying spot behind the taps thats too small for anything but a toothbrush, it shall be clean once again!

I also got a few groceries, yay for ground beef. I'm not adventurous like Shannon, I won't buy fish or try new stuff, I'm a traditionalist. That...or I'm just scared of new territory. So ground beef it was. Which meant tacos. MMM.

So today was a funeral for a teenage girl, no one I knew, but the girlfriend of a friend of a friend (complicated, yes). The reason I bring it up is it was apparently a pretty amazing funeral. My friend was telling me about it tonight and after the eulogy (??) was given, there was an altar call, and four people accepted Christ! Talk about...well I don't know what to call it, except for amazing. Even in death, God is there. Very encouraging.

I'm really happy today. REALLY happy.



  1. Happiness is always good. Um so is toothpaste. Having both is extra good. I'm glad Nicole is good now. Jenissa I being weird...and is speaking in the third person. Yay!

  2. That is the most unique funeral of which I have heard. I think I want that at my funeral. Also, a clown suit. I think I should be buried in a clown suit...

  3. Hi Nikki, I have lived in southern Ontario all my life, and found your sight while surfing, So glad to see you so excited by a toothbrush MMmm That sounds like an amazing funeral, I have never heard of that before, I so am putting that in my will, someday, thanks for sharing all your school adventures, your marks are amazing, well done

  4. It was great talking to you! Your friend Hillary is a sweetie, I can see why she has so many friends. I sent her an e-mail and she wrote back, sooo nice! Have a wonderful week!! XOXOXO