Monday, November 06, 2006

Monty-Happy Birthday!

Chantelle...just want to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday! Here in my neck of the woods there's only five minutes left, but I know you still have 3 hours and five minutes left, so spend your time well! :) Hope you had a great day.

So yesterday as I was waiting for the bus I randomnly met this guy who goes to Mohawk. We talked and then sat on the bus and I later found him on Facebook and we added each other as friends (yay for the procrastination tool that is facebook), and the story gets better: he was at church tonight! SO WEIRD. So I have a new friend aka someone to stalk. jk! Although, to any outsider it probably seems like I'm/we're stalking him/eachother. So bizarre. But I found it funny, so I wanted to share with you.

Annnnd, so church was tonight. Part way through the service I turned around and there, two rows behind us, were Emily, Kyle, Jared, Gabbi, Rachelle & Marissa! So we went out for dessert after and later Matt & Wendy joined. Good times @ Kelsey's. Matt just dropped me off after taking a thorn sliver out of my finger. Although we never saw it come out, which is weird-because it's gone. Oh well, no more pain for me!

Oh, and before all that wonderfulness happened at church, I fell in a puddle. Or as I so nicely put it to my friends: I spent the afternoon trying to drown myself in a puddle. Rachelle's reaction was best, "oh Niki, you're not serious are you?" oh, how she makes me laugh. A group of us from church went geo-caching this afternoon, and we found the cache! So after climbing up rocks and slippery, muddy hills, walking along trees across rivers and jumping across rivers and staying dry the whole time-one would think I could make it to the car ok, right? Nope. As we were walking on a perfectly level path, my foot got caught in mud and I lost my balance and in all the lady-likeness I could muster, I fell in a puddle and soaked right through my track pants and long johns and through my winter jacket and two shirts (the bottom shirt stayed miraculously dry). Thankfully Matt had his ranger blanket with him (love having a LeaKer around) and so I wrapped myself in that and Dave's car stayed mostly clean. It was a beautiful event. I was too bothered and cold to cry, but it was also too funny to cry. I really didn't appreciate all the extra laundry though.

Thankfully, I did laundry tonight! So Laura Y is going to drop it off tomorrow morning, and then she's taking me to school, woohoo! :) I have a test on writing letters, first thing in the morning. It's just remembering a whole bunch of spacing rules and the order of things like enclosure, initals and copy lines-that probably didn't make sense to anyone else, oh well.

Finally, tonight's message at church was, I'm Normal: Please Date Me. Really good, really funny, really truthful. Still learning things about myself. It never stops, does it?



  1. If there is one thing I have learned in life, it's that wearing shirts that have shrunk in the laundry probably isn't the best thing to do when you are as pasty white as I am...fortunately, I've learned lots of things, including the fact that life is constantly full of lessons with many things to learn. The key is to notice these lessons and to pay attention to what is being taught. If you can do that even half of the time, you are probably far ahead of half of the people. Keep on keeping on!

    I love how you remembered casue most of the day wasn't that great.
    it stinks working on your birthday, while sick.
    again thank you i miss you too. so hurry up and get back to BC.