Tuesday, November 28, 2006

one more post

Wow, mega blogger lately, three posts in one day (although this will probably post under tomorrow's date because its after midnight)! Anyway, I'm just avoiding going to bed.

So I was all excited about eating a wrap at work-and they were sold out. Not impressed. So, since I didn't bring a lunch I bought perogies and they were DISGUSTING. I was not happy. Glad I spent less than $2.

What else? I'm pretty tired.

Oh! I put up my Christmas tree! :) And a few other random decorations, a stocking here, some holly there and a christmas teddy by the tv, I said they were random. Oh and the ceramic lighthouse-church-thingamabob. A couple other things too, but nothing too exciting.

Ok...umm, man I'm tired.

Did I tell you that I'm absolutely in love with my new Ipod Shuffle? It's AMAZING. Really, it is. It makes walks go quicker and bus rides much more pleasant. I'm lovin' it! (mmm, McDonald's...)

Now I'm hungry. ugh. I ate some Ritz crackers and veggies and dip. I'm still hungry. But I really just want to go to bed. It's days like this that I wish I had a car or a McDonald's at the end of my drive way. Ok, I'm going to go eat something (not sure what yet) and then bed.

lots of love ~niki~

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