Monday, November 20, 2006

feeling a little lost

Today I'm sad and lost and kind of lonely too. I'm not wanting to be around anybody, I just want to be by myself-and to feel the weight of life's demands be lifted. When Sunday night came, and Kyle dropped me off after the Alt, I just felt this big weight return to my shoulders and it's a load that I just can't bear. Rob put it quite well, take a look at this picture. It's actually his portrayal of that picture I posted a little while ago, see here. Pretty awesome, eh? (his pic that is, not my photo), I especially like the caption he put. Thanks Rob!

I have an assignment to do yet tonight, rewriting a memo for my English class. I also have to print my webpage for IWPD, thankfully its completed though. Otherwise, I've got all my homework done for school tomorrow, but I need to get working ahead again, I think that's one reason I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I also really need to get back to spending time with God. Why is it that when we start to get busy, the first thing to go is our devotional life? The one thing we need to keep us on track, and we somehow think its the one thing we can live without. Fools! Well, God never called us smart. I'm sure glad He's full of love and oh, so patient. Please pray with me as I work towards getting things back on track.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting a lady named Ruth who lives here in Hamilton (well, Dundas). It's a pretty cool story...her daughter and son-in-law live across the street from my grandparents-the Swiss ones!! She met them and they got talking about how my grandparents daughter moved to Canada and yadda yadda...and the conversation turned to where Ruth was from and how she lives in Ontario "oh my granddaughter just moved there", and it ends up we live in the same city!! Ruth was just visiting her family there and my grandma sent her back with a bunch of stuff to give me...I'm curious as to what, probably lots of chocolate-she likes to do that. :) So I'll be meeting Ruth tomorrow afternoon.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, it's not too long of a day, I get to meet a new person and I'm not working! I have to try and do some laundry...I don't like laundry. I'd like it more if it were more accessible, but the fact that I have to go to someone else's house to do it (eventhough I really like them), is a nuisance. I can't wait to be more established and have things like a washer & dryer. Oh and a dishwasher. And...a decent vacuum would be nice too. So many wishes.

Do we really need all that we want? No. Boy, are we spoiled.

Oh yeah, the weekend was really fun-I'll post about it later, I really need to get to this homework, it's closing in on midnight. ick. Thanks for coming, Ben & Jane-it was good times! :) And your baby is OH SO CUTE!



  1. You're being prayed for, Grossmami and Grossvati send their greetings, they pray for you, and all of us, and send their blessings every day! So finally you get to meet their neighbor's mom. They'll be so excited to hear that you met each other. She's supposed to be very nice! Love you lots!

  2. I know how you feel? The usual problem is that these holes we get ourselves into we dig on our own. Speking of which, do you think I can write a 40 page paper in under 2 weeks?

  3. Hmmm... Holes. Yeah I can back up what my wife says.
    I feel swamped with reading currently, so I am both excited and dreading the fact that Christmas is comming.
    Ah well, back to chewing on papers...

  4. At least Sharky's getting his fibre.