Tuesday, November 14, 2006

whats new?

I've decided that today I'm going to try not to have a nap, and I know this sounds weird, but see if that helps keep me from being too tired. I'm working until 1130, and then I get to sleep in tomorrow, because class isn't until 11am. woot! I find that having naps can sometimes help me to feel refreshed, but then I can't get to bed as soon at night, and then I'm up too late tossing and turning and not getting a restful nights sleep-which is what I really need to make it through the day.
I worked until 1130 last night because the girl who was supposed to, called in sick. We've hired a number of new people, but all of them keep calling in sick and its really frustrating! I think we were short two cashiers last night and during the day at least two, if not three! I was thinking that it would be so nice to take a leave of absence, if I could afford it. I don't know what I'd do with all my free time, probably end up feeling bad and go back to work. lame, I know. I've got Thursday & Friday night off, as well as almost all Saturday. I'm kind of disappointed because I tried to get this Saturday off for a show that Jared's band (Axiom Shift) is doing, but by the time I got to ask Judy, she'd already made the schedule :( I will make it one of his shows...one day!
I enjoyed school today, only two classes! :) In Internet, our group worked on our web page, we're making a page about obscure holidays. It's a lot of work, and it's due in 10 days and there's still a lot to do. Then we had Communications and I nearly fell asleep. We were talking about possessive nouns (basically, where does the apostrophe go). It's nice to have it explained, but I find that the more the grammar gets explained, the less confident I feel-kind of annoying. It was funny though, I stumped my teacher! I asked her where do you put the apostrophe in my last name, "Devereaux" when making it possessive. We've always signed cards the 'Devereaux's', but apparently the correct rule is the 'Devereaux'es'...isn't that ugly? I know it was unfair, because our name is French and so it can't really go by our English grammar rules, but I thought I'd give her something to think about. *grin*
Alanna (landlord) needed to store some Christmas gifts downstairs to hide from Ryan, so she asked me told Tysen-he's such a cute baby! He's very heavy though, reminds me a lot of Macie (Pastor Kent's daughter). He's very...'compact'. She also gave me a picture of him that I have on my fridge, such a cutie pie. I think he's about 7 months now? He's probably heavier than Natalie, and she turned a year in September-she's very tiny for her age though. Man, I love babies!!
Speaking of babies, I was thinking about them last night and as much as I want to start my own family, we have a pretty crummy world going on right now, to bring a child into. I don't think that will stop me, but it made me think about how fair is it really, why do we have kids? Do we have them to better our society and to keep our generations going, or is it mostly just a desire to parent? Babies are super cute, but then they grow into toddlers and grade-schoolers, then teenagers and then they're adults-and I've seen a lot of hurting teenagers lately. I don't know, it just seems like growing up can be so cruel, do I really want to have kids and watch them go through that, knowing that they don't want help? (silly stubborn humans that we are). Who knows, by the time I get around to finding someone, do the whole dating thing, get married...Christ just might return before I have a chance to have kids. I know God knows whats best, and all I can do is wait. I'm really liking this whole 'God, you know what, you deal with it-I don't want to stress about life right now' idea. Such a relief! :)
I think I'm going to do some homework, and try REALLY hard not to fall asleep. Oh, but I wanted to leave you with a couple pics.
This is Matt under some pillows
And this is Laura under some pillows
And me, wishing I was in a bed of pillows...but instead getting annoyed with homework!


  1. Me wishing I was in dreamland, but last night's coffee is keeping me hyper! Yawn!!!

  2. you don't need a nap, you need a POWER nap - all the benefits of a nap in a mere fraction of the time. And it is a POWER nap. POWER. See, that is what happens when you let guys deal with the whole nap thing. We try and figure out how to do it faster and with more POWER. Testosterone is a very scary thing...

  3. I enjoy power naps... but I'm not a heavy sleeper, so I usually don't nap. Just save up my sleepiness for going to sleep at night. Or I just sleep in the next day. Or I take naps (but not often... currently).
    Anywho, the whole letting God take care of it is a great thing. Though I have to be careful when I say something like: "this won't happen before Christ comes." Yeahh... I said that before I got married, before I went to college...
    life is nuts.

  4. I meant life is crazy... not like I have a craving for peanuts or the like.