Wednesday, November 08, 2006

busy roads

It's 3pm, so I guess everyone is picking up their kids/grandkids from school and so there's an abundance of people EVERYwhere. I got off the bus, waited for the bus to go through the intersection, before I started walking (just in case someone started driving and didn't look for pedestrians-which often happens) so I thought I'd be safe. As I was just about half way across (with a clear view for everyone, no buses in the way), an old man speeds through the intersection, wanting to turn into the lane I was walking across, he had to slam on his brakes to keep from hitting me. So I nearly got hit. Don't worry though, I didn't and I'm okay...silly drivers.

Okay so crying is a good thing, but I don't think tremors are, are they? For a few days now (particularly since the episode in class last week) my right hand has been shaking a LOT. Today I was trying to take notes but my hand wouldn't stop shaking, so I had to stop taking notes (fair enough, I'd already done the reading so I knew what she was talking about). I stepped out of class and retreated to the bathroom where I cried for a little bit and just let it all out. I'm really feeling the pressure of everything. It's annoying, because it's only started now that I've begun to slow down (it's as if my body couldn't break down before, there just wasn't any time). I can't do much else than what I've been doing lately, taking it easy, getting sleep, eating more healthy and working less. I just paid my tuition for next semester, so that weight should be lifted too.

I'm going to go get groceries now, but maybe I should eat something first so I don't have too many impulse buys. Please pray that I can just continue to take it easy and that my body will adjust quickly to this slower pace and that the tremors will stop.


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  1. Hug!! Sounds normal, often people will get sick, when the weekend comes, just as if you didn't have time before, when you slow down, the body starts taking care of itself, telling you clearly, that you need to change your pace. Take care, know your in our prayers. XOXOXO