Saturday, November 11, 2006

and it all came crashing down...

Ok, fine, I'll admit it, I do too much. I wish I could change it and just not work or go to school, but I can't. I'm sure there are probably ways that I could cut back...but I'm going to try something I haven't tried: letting go. One reason I get so worn down is because I get so worked up. I need to stop stressing.

Yesterday was a really REALLY rough day. Quick recap: Thursday at about 11pm, I discover one of my pages of my assigment has disappeared, *woosh*, vanished, just gone (including the edited parts of the rest of it). I rewrote and re-edited my work and got to sleep by about 130am. I was up at 5am on Friday to get to school to do some printing and work on an assignment that I could only access at school. The school day was fine, so was tutoring. I got home and realized I had taken a couple keys (that broke off a keychain that I had in my pocket) home from the student success office where I work. Apparently, no big deal-I'll bring them in Monday. Then I go to work, waited in the cold for too long because the bus was about 12 minutes late. Get to work, find out that my boss hasn't kept on top of things, and so there's a lot of work and frustrated cashiers who want to go on breaks. Then my bagger doesn't show up, so I'm stuck pushing carts and cleaning for 2 hours, while trying to stay in the front end because the store manager is breathing down my neck. The store manager decides that he's going to give me a lot of extra work (because my boss hadn't dealt with it during the day) and to top it all off, two of my cashiers called in sick. So that was work. Then I had to stay an extra 1/2 hour to cover breaks which made me miss my bus. I waited around for 45 minutes for the next bus, caught it and we went maybe 20 metres (for Meggs: didn't even make it from the bus stop to the lights at Golflinks)? and then the bus broke down! I finally got home (a coworker gave me a ride, so I waited another 15 minutes-should've left an hour and a half ago by this point) at 1145? Fell asleep, woke up and got sick. So I'm not going to work tonight.

I'm just plain tired.

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  1. wow, that's a pretty rough day. hope you're feeling better soon!