Monday, September 18, 2006

...thanks terri for putting my feelings into words

Till I Get There-Terri Clark

There's a place I'm going to
Where I'll be over you
And I'm gonna go till I get there
Long as the road don't run out
Long as my heart don't let me down
I'll keep the wheels turning 'round
Till I get there

I don't know when
I don't know how
But I'm finding my freedom
And that's somewhere I've never gone
Through these tears, I see now
It's gonna take leaving
For me to know where I belong

It's just beyond the edge of my sorrow
I'll turn the key and I'll be on my way
With the help of my old friend Tomorrow
I'm gonna put a million miles on yesterday


  1. oh. hun.

    i'm sorry.

    you won't be in this place forever.

  2. guess what? you can have facebook :) They added Mohawk... lol I know you need another internet addiction thing, peer pressure, I'm sorry, but I'm obsessed

  3. Chin up kid! Things are starting to looks up...and just think about all the cute college boys you can meet!