Monday, September 25, 2006

life isn't easy, but I've got you

Bring God to work with you. That's the one theme that really stuck with me from Dave's message at the Alt last night. He was talking about bosses, and how God is our ultimate boss and He's the one we're working for. Did we bring God to work? What about to school? What about to Timmy's or the movies when I'm with my friends? Am I putting God first? Am I remembering that at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is God?
In my HR class we're discussing Interpersonal Skills Development and we have to address something that we want to work on and there's a five-step model to working at it, it goes like this:

1) Goal or desired state of affairs (what do I want to work on?)
2) Assessment of reality (how far am I from where I want to be?)
3) Action plan (the 'how' to bring about change)
4) Feedback (asking others around me how I'm doing)
5) Frequent practice (committing to doing something regularly, until it becomes routine)

This would be such a great model for so many parts of our lives, not just workplace stuff! Right now I'm really annoyed with how much I compain about life...I mean really, what do I have to complain about? I have a roof over my head, food to eat, I'm going to school and I have a job, I'm physically healthy and I have ppl who love me and are supporting me emotionally and in other ways as they're able. Yeah, I'm tired, but I need to stop dwelling on that and look to Christ as my strength. How many billions of other ppl, whether they're alive now or have gone before me, have lived really difficult lives, have had to make extremely tough choices; and yet, when people remember them, they remember them because of what they did not because of their complaining. People don't like complainers. I'm choosing now to stop complaining. So...

1) I want my speech and my attitude to be more positive, I want to reflect Christ in everything I do; stop complaining
2) I've got a long way to go
3) When I get frustrated, take it to God. Try to talk about positive things with friends. Remember that there are always others who have it much harder than me, when I feel like complaining I should pray for those people
4) This is where you guys can give me feedback (I'm asking for it, so let me have it)
5) This is very similar to number 3, whenever I want to complain, take time to think about it first. If I'm going to complain, just don't talk, let others have a chance to talk.

I had no idea where this blog was going, but I like where it ended up. G'night.

Love Niki :)


  1. Dave mentioned in both his sermons yesterday about not complaining. It's something that is so easy to do, and I do way too much. It's something that I need to work on too.
    It's not something I'm looking forward to working on but it will be good in the end.
    I do remember something Dave said though about even doing it a little bit will make a difference. I guess joyfully making an effort is what God wants. Not looking down on how you screwed up.
    We'll have to share some ways that we're learning to not complain so much.
    It's awesome that you want to work on it too Niki.

  2. I don't know...I think complaining for the sake of complaining isn't one of the greatest things to do...but sometimes you just need to dump all the emotional bagage you carry around everyday. If there's trying to figure out what to do next or just to get it out so you don't break a little on the's not an all bad thing. People who complain about everything and show no action behind it...then their just people with a really bad attitude. I'm not justifying complainers...they annoy me as much as the next person...I'm just saying sometimes complaining isn't always just complaining. But it's good that your trying to be more positive...but being hard on yourself for being negetive is also a bad attitude...and almost produces the same affects. I say everything in can't tooo far either way. This is a really wishy washy comment...and doesn't make much sense...but hopefully it's enough to get my point across...which simplified is good job on trying to improve yourself...but don't be too hard on yourself.