Friday, September 29, 2006

another test?

So I actually had 5 quizzes/tests this week, not four. I didn't know about the one in Internet & Webpage Development (IWPD) until I showed up for class. Whoops! It was a quiz on terminology and a bunch of my classmates were studying as we waited for our teacher to show. I helped one very anxious classmate, and in turn helped myself-because it was good to review a couple terms. When we got our tests in class I was pretty happy, it was just a 'matching' quiz, where we had to match 20 terms to their corresponding definitions. I finished in about 8 minutes? I think thats the longest I've taken to write a quiz so far.
I feel like I'm bragging...but this is REALLY easy! As demonstrated by my conversation with my Human Relations (HR) teacher, Rocco, after writing a test in his class. He commented on how I finished the test really quickly, and I said yeah-I'd finished it in six minutes. (he knew it was less than 10 anyway). Anyway, so we were talking about how I actually felt a little challenged by his test, eventhough I finished it really quickly. He said, "well, every class I have one or two like you...what are you hoping to work as?" When I explained I basically wanted to be a secretary he asked me if I'd ever considered university, because I obviously needed a challenge. I was floored! He finished off our conversation by saying, "even if you can't do it right away, LOOK INTO IT, and even if you can only take one or two classes, do it!" When I asked him if he meant after college, he looked at me and said, "no way, I mean now". He summed it up by saying I shouldn't be in college-I should be going straight to university. I'm so pumped! Unfortunately I can't afford university-but its encouraging to know that my teacher has confidence in me.
I'm feeling pretty confident. I know if I went to university I'd be totally overwhelmed and probably stressed, but should I take the challenge? Is it a waste of my time to stay here when so far this year I've learned one new thing? Honestly, one thing. Some of the things my teachers have taught I already knew, it's just now I learned a technical term for it, like "interpersonal relations". What am I supposed to do?!
I plan on staying here anyway, because 1) I can't afford university 2) I don't think I'm actually capable of the university workload and 3) I'd go straight into the workforce, but I can't get a job in it yet. I feel so arrogant talking like this, I don't mean to. People keep telling me "it's going to get harder, don't kid yourself", and I'm ready for it...but I've had a few teachers make comments on why I didn't try to get exempted from their class, or why I'm even here. Doesn't that say something? GAH.
Why can't I just get a job?


I really am enjoying school, don't get me wrong. Just today I looked up scholarships and found 8 that I could apply for, that would make school even sweeter. I'm enjoying not having to think too hard...but then again, I should be being challenged. I'm sure I will. Beth tells me it gets harder second year, good to know. :o)

In other news:

Facebook:Laura has me addicted! Thanks... :P Nah, it's pretty fun. And I even got the title "Most Wonderful Newbie" in the Cherith group, woot! I don't spend TOO much time, but probably more than I should.
Baking:I baked a cake on Sunday night but everyone left before I could ice it and serve it. So I had decided on giving it to Jay for his prayer mtg. last night, but I haven't been able to be in touch with him. Now I have a cake sitting on my might just have to come to church with me on Sunday.
Birthdays:The crazy month of September birthdays is almost over. I can't believe how many people had birthdays this month, I had at least one for every day and then some! So once again: Happy Birthday to the following ppl:
Mami, Aunt Hazel, Papa, Meghan, Nick, Sharky, Jared, Ryan, Shuttle, Miagi, Melissa, Jessica, Ashley, Natalie, Omar, Marwan, Corey, Elian. That's going off the top of my head...I think thats pretty good. :o)
So today Laura and I are going to buy Jared some pink socks for his birthday...he's a fun guy. :o)
Work:This was another six day week! Woo-hoo!! It's gone pretty well, I only have 9 hours left until my week is over. Feels SO good. And next week I only have 5 shifts. *only* ;) My Saturday (Thanksgiving w/e) is a 9-6 Asst. Manager shift. How exciting! I love seeing that title on my schedule. It makes me smile. :o)
COtR:Praying for LIFT. I think they're still studying "What the Hell: Everything you need to know about demons, hell and satan", and they need MEGA prayer. Oh! And last Sunday I became a Partner @ COtR!
Life in General:Stuff is pretty good. I think I may have a hurt a boy's feelings last night...I didn't mean to!! I'm worried about the way I reacted to someone saying something to me. I really hope there's no hurt there. Problem is, the guy won't really talk about his feelings, and I'm worried its b/c of the way I reacted/or the way he think I will react if he tells me what he's really thinking. Yep...back to being cryptic! Sorry about that guys.
Wow, this was a traditional long post...haven't had one in a while, aren't you glad I fulfilled that missing void in your life? Love you!!



  1. if your teachers are confident enough that you shouldn't be in college, and you can't afford university, have you considered volunteering as a secretary to gain the experience you need for a job in that field?

  2. Thanks for the birthday mention :) (as a side note: I've been thinking of doing a blog myself... since I plan on writing a lot... but I've had no 'blog' ideas as of yet) anywho, I guess we'll see you around Christmas!

    (hmm... I rarely use "cheers"... better make it more interesting)

    I live in gravy-monster-monster!

  3. Wir lieben Dich auch! Ich sagte Papi er soll Deinen blog lesen. Du machst uns viel Freude, telefonier uns wenn Du Zeit hast:)

  4. I remember someone telling me a similar situation, too good for technical college, not quite enough for University. But think of it this way, you're killing yourself with work, so if you were stressed about school too you couldn't make it. Then if it does get harder nest year, you'll be into the swing of it and be able to handle it. Challenge yourself with reading other books, or with challenging relationships. There's always some other way to make your life hardr if you really want to!