Friday, August 18, 2006

the taste of sour cream, mmm

So its just about 1am and here I am sitting on the couch having just finished eating some nummy sour cream & onion baked crisps that Ty bought me. He tells me everytime he sees me to make sure I call him and let him know if I need a ride-anywhere, anytime. I always feel bad, but called him tonight at about 1130 to see what he was doing and he was on his way over to Sobeys, so he gave me a ride home. While he was waiting for me he asked if I was hungry, so he bought some crisps and then made me take them home, mmm, food. That is one great kid, definitely one of a kind!
I got to talk to a few people tonight which was good, including Bronwyn, Ryan & Aaron (Dalman). Good times. So Bronwyn was having issues with her cat, as per usual. ;) She updated me on the fire that happened across the tracks from my parents place, it was actually Nealy's dad's house. She's a girl who's a few years younger than me that I went to Hammond Elem with. "It's a small world after all...". My mom had written about it, that noone got hurt, hopefully not too much stuff got damaged, that must suck having something like that happen.
Well I really need to go to bed, it's a nice long day (9.5 hours) tomorrow at Subway. I find that I miss having Trish there, but with her gone (she's at her cottage), I always have things to do, so I actually feel like I'm being productive. Which is a good feeling. Crystal gave me a going away card, what a sweetheart! I want to do a little something for my co-workers and my regulars. I think I might go on a baking frenzy and write some notes and spend Monday delivering them, because I have that day off. :) YAY!
But now its time for bed. Busy next 2 days at Subway. Goodnight all.
Love Niki :)

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