Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So, post #2 of the day! I'm more awake now that I've had a nap and had something to eat and just really relaxed. I could've done a couple different things tonight, but I actually said no. Can you believe it?? I hardly can. Man it felt good to just be able to say, I'm taking time to myself. Mind you, it's not like I felt bad, because the one person said, "no, absolutely-take time for yourself", so its not like I had to really argue with that, pretty easy for me to agree to. :)
Who feels like laughing? We had a 3 hour staff meeting yesterday at Sobeys which I actually, REALLY enjoyed, it was less of a traditional staff meeting and more of a hands on meeting, with games & chocolate. :) Anyways, so we were discussing how as of today we were changing the debit system, and we would be swiping people's cards for them. I should really just let thoughts sit in my head for at least a minute before blurting them I ask "so does that mean we're getting rid of the pinpad?". Maybe you don't understand why that's funny...the thing is, the customer still needs to input their pin and select the account and all that! oops. I thought it was really funny and so did all my co-workers, everyone got a good chuckle. I tried to laugh it off with a joke, but I'm sure my face was about as red as the sweatshirt I'm wearing right now. Good times... I also inadvertantly called all my coworkers stupid, apparently. We were doing a little pop quiz, one of the questions was "how do we calculate dollars per bag?" Nobody knew the answer and so I hesitantly asked, "is it just like basic math, dividing the cost of groceries by the number of bags?". Levi, was like, (imatiting me) "basic math, really I'm just saying your all idiots", but thankfully he said it with a laugh, and everyone else joined in. It's a good thing that they know that I'm a nice person and would've never meant for it to come out like that, so they were just laughing because it was me that said something that could've been really mean, but its not what I meant AT ALL. Maybe those stories are only funny to me, because when I reread them they don't seem that funny. They're probably funnier when they're not written. Oh well.
So the last few days have been fairly busy...Monday I worked 11-5 and then again 8-midnight, I took the bus that day, not only was it raining, but I had tickets and it was much better than walking. Tuesday I got up early after only 5 hours of sleep to do my laundry, then I went to the staff meeting, met with someone and had a difficult conversation :( and then spent my break at the LeaKer's, had a swim, talked to Kyle & Mrs LeaKer and had dinner before Mr LeaKer drove me back to work for the evening shift. I was at their house when Autumn called to ask Kyle & Deb about staff sweatshirts and I called out to Kyle "tell her I want one" (because I hadn't had a chance to return her call yet), and so I got to talk to her, which was good! I wish I wasn't running late for work otherwise I would've talked longer. So yeah, I'm getting a staff hoodie!! :) Then I went to work and did customer service, busy night!! Before I knew it I had worked 3 hours and I only had 1.5 left. I like days like that, except that then the last hour just DRAGGED. typical. Oh and I forgot my bus tickets, so I had to walk home at 10. I've decided that I don't want to walk home after 8 or 9 at night, it's getting too dark and now that I have bus tickets again, there's no need for me to walk home late at night. I'm sure Mami & Papi will be happy to read that. :) And today...I worked bright and early, 730-which meant a 6am wake up call. :S So I worked, went to McD's for lunch (such a healthy choice, I know!), then I just passed some time by reading and going to Home Sense, waiting for 2 o'clock. Then I met with DaveO at Second Cup for an Italian Soda, mmm. We talked about Compassion, missions, church, vision, all sorts of things. Great talk! One thing that he shared with me that really stuck out was this (and I'm going to highlight it because this is a really long blog and this is something I want EVERYONE to read, even if they can't handle such a huge entry...)
Compassion Canada is doing an amazing work around the world, but this bit is about South America. Every year there are 2000 (thats two THOUSAND) kids that are considered Compassion Kids, not all get adopted, but each gets a chance. Here's the sad part, every kid has only one chance-because of the number of kids that come up through the program, Compassion has figured that they can find 'x' amount of sponsors for the kids and they can support that many. The problem is that although they consider 2000 kids, they need EVERY year to have 2000 people/families taking those kids. Once that year is up, those kids don't have a chance to be Compassion kids again. That hit me really hard because when Geoff Moore was at church last May he had a table FULL of pictures of kids, just imagine how many pictures there are out there, and how many may not get adopted. I don't want anyone to feel guilty, but think about the opportunity you could be giving these kids!! Compassion is taking 20 kids from around each country and giving them a free ride to university, to build up Christian leaders in their countries. Every year that they're at university they spend a few weeks at a Bible camp, studying the Old & New Testaments, Theology, the basics that any first year bible school student would study. Compassion's hope is that these kids will grow up and become leaders in their countries. Isn't that EXCITING?! :) If you have more questions, please ask-I'm finding out more about Compassion. I know Wendy has a little girl and she's super excited about getting her first letter-it's amazing to know the impact we can have on kids who wouldn't otherwise have a chance. These kids get ONE year to be adopted. ONE YEAR
I went grocery shopping after meeting with Dave. I had dinner!! It tasted so good. Salad, potatoes, sausage. A real meal. Man, I look forward to having regular meals and not relying on my Subway meals. I mean, I appreciate the subs, but I look forward to things eventually balancing out, being able to eat meals regularly. I miss home. But don't worry Mami, I'm eating enough! Promise. My pants aren't falling off-yet. ;) Although one pair of pants that my mom sent me a couple months ago is fitting much nicer. YAY!
Well I think I'm done updating. Congrats if you actually read this far. :)
Love Niki


  1. Thanks for your blogs Niki, I enjoy reading them. :)

  2. i love when the mouth decides to act without the brain's approval. it makes for GREAT fun. Stupid mouth, I'll show you a thing or two. *Punch*. Mmmf. I fink I bwoke my teef. Dwat.

  3. It's true about the Compassion thing - and if you decide to sponsor a child, you can go online and all the kids with hearts on their pictures, those are the kids who have been waiting for a year and need immediate sponsorship (that's how I chose my little boy).

    My dad met with Dave and talked about a lot of the same stuff last week as well... It's exciting to know that the little bit of money every month is actually making a GOOD and huge difference in not just one life, but in a whole family and even community...

  4. that's funny, I was going to invite you to come out too, but I thought we had a full car going to Jared's. Glad you got time to youself!