Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Hi everyone! Well I finished day 1 of 2 of both jobs this week, today wasn't too bad. I took the bus to work and Ty came back and picked me up at midnight-such a great guy! He's one of our cashiers and he goes to school with Deb & church with the LeaKer's and makes sure that I don't walk home anymore. He's great, very giving. :)
I am SO hungry. I'm thinking crackers with butter. A snack trait I picked up from my dad. All I'm missing is milk. I think tomorrow after work I'm going to go grocery shopping, or maybe better yet-Wednesday, before I meet with DaveO, kill some time between work and our meeting. What a great idea. Unfortunately, that doesn't help much for right now. Oh well. I have some juice I can mix up. I'll do that when I'm done updating.
I love dressing fancy!! *caw*...yes, that was random. I don't mean fancy like pearls and evening gowns, just dressing up nicely, like office workers do. When I got home from Subway today I had a shower and put on my black uniform pants for Sobeys but decided to actually make it look good by wearing a nice t-shirt instead of just a hoodie. Yeah, my shirt gets covered up by my ugly foodie, but it looks nice until I get to work, and then afterwards. :) I seem to feel more confident and pretty...yes, I can say that I feel pretty. What a great feeling. I think I'm going to like working in an office. :)
Oh and Mami, what would I like in my parcel? Hmm...how about my C.S. Lewis & Lee Strobel books if you can find them. And I wouldn't mind some photo albums, but I understand if they're too heavy-I can get those later. BUT...if you maybe even wanted to send some of the smaller ones (like Beth's wedding and such, the mini-albums)?? that'd be GREAT. :) I want a letter from Papi, and a picture of you & Papi with Mischo, Kandy & the girls too. Some food would be nice too. Otherwise you always pack a good parcel! :)
Well I should go have some crackers...goodnight all!!
Love Niki ;)

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