Sunday, July 30, 2006

"now hiring smiles" (McDonald's sign)

I'm really content. Life is good. Internet is back. Phone is back. TV is back...although that's no biggie. New phone number is similar to last, only the last four digits have changed, now: 1288. Going out with friends tonight. Had a really busy, great week. Let's see...go back as far as I can remember. Sunday (last week): church set-up, church, hang out at Wendy's, farewell dinner for Daniel the Spanish kid, movie, nap, home. Monday: all I remember is work. Same for Tuesday. (although I'm sure there was other stuff too). Wednesday: Lunch with Laura and Dinner with Dianne (fun alliteration, eh?), movie with Paul, home. Thursday: worked at Subway all day, LeaKer's for dinner (including a swim in a storm and eating the last of freshly baked pie), applied for a job, home at 11. Friday: Worked 10+ hours for Hatem, turned down friends parents for dinner, hung out with LA & Wendy, saw Shannon, met her very cool (and tired, but still cool) old roomie from Tyndale, home late again. Saturday: worked all day again at Subway, talked to a customer and co-workers about Jesus!!, went home, went to Matt's for a BBQ, got picked up by Laura and Jo (fun surprise!), drove to Port Colbourne, watched Ashley play music with her friend Emily singing about hats and birds and pictures...SUNDAY!: drove three hours to London, slept for a few hours, met Jo's parents, drove back to Hami (yes I've just abbreviated it, give me a break), went to church, Wendy bought me lunch (thanks hon!), came home, went to sleep, woke up and now I'm here.
And now I'm going out to Wendy's for dinner. I love not having to spend my money on groceries, except for the whole fact that I have a pork cutlet in my fridge that's cooked and probably gone bad now. Hope not. The cheese is definitely moldy, but I can handle that. Ok, I have to run because I'm getting picked up in like 5 minutes.
So, don't forget. New last FOUR digits: 1288.
hearts & hugs!!
Love Niki

PS-oh yeah, had a sucky conversation after church today, went well. Please pray.


  1. I'm really proud of you Nicole.

    You're turning out just fine.

    MATT <><

  2. Ditto!

  3. I want to say good things about Nicole too! You have a winning personality...and anyone who would refuse you a job or be mean to you in anyway deserves to have their tires slashed! Tell me who they are and I can probably get it done! *Thinks deviously!*

  4. Fun times on the road!
    L, Scout

  5. Lunch with Laura and Dinner with Dianne, Picture with Paul...seriously Niki, you missed a great chance for even more alliteration. What are you learning in this "Mohawk College" anyway? (Um, also, I'm glad things are going well).