Sunday, July 23, 2006

calling ALL camp people!!!

Okay, so after talking to a couple friends (on MSN and in person), reading people's blogs and being at camp myself for a week...I want to know where all the camp people are at. There are SO many camps all across this great country and around the world and I'm so excited by the amazing things happening at camp...that I want to know who to pray for, and how. I mean I like to pray for all my friends, and knowing how to pray is ever helpful.
So...if you work at camp, here's your job, leave a comment and tell me where, for how long and what you're doing. Please? This is going to do two things for me: satisfy my need for comments (I like reading 'em) and more importantly, allow me to know how to pray for you. So here's my info:
Niki (Nova)
Camp Cherith, Walkerton Ontario
July 9-15, Counsellor
And what an AMAZING week it was. Now please, comment. I'm especially curious about where all our Kawkawa staff have scattered to. I've heard, Charis & Stillwood, I was at Cherith and I do believe Azar is at Squeah? Please let me know and let's encourage all other camp staff!!! :)
Oh...and if you're not working at camp, I'd still love to hear from you. Why don't you leave me a comment and tell me what you're doing this summer? This is also my feeble attempt to keep in touch with my friends who are always on the move. Or is that just me? Anyway...I want to know how your summer is going!!!
hearts, hugs & happiness,
Niki/Nova :o)


  1. Chantelle (no nickname)
    Charis Camp in Chilliwack.

    I was there for the last week of June for training and campers came July.4th I finished just today July.22nd. It was fun cause I saw some old faces and met another great group of camp people.

  2. Brad & Sam...i guess that person will have to comment ;) what are you two up to this summer?

  3. i'm at cherith aug 6-12, being a cabin leader, and of course randomly showing up whenever :)

  4. I'm not at a camp, but I do work with kids. I teach kids reading and math at a learning centre. Prayer that I would be able to motivate the kids to work hard and have fun while doing it. And that even though I can't really talk about God, that I can be a witness.

  5. Matthew (Grommet (formerly Bishop))
    Frank (Démiõh (formerly Keys))
    Stillwood in the Columbia Valley

    Ferris's younger brother is at stillwood too... his camp name is also Ferris

    Jenny is at Charis with Chantelle and I think Cable went to a ranch camp in the US, but I don't remember what its called.