Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I'm simply humbled by the number of people in my life that are excited for me. I went dress shopping with one of my bridesmaids the other night and I almost thought she was more excited than me! To be fair though, I was running on limited sleep and was feeling pretty overwhelmed. I'm back to being really excited again. But yes, I am humbled by the vast number of friends and family who love me and care for me, and to now be marrying my best friend and gaining even more friends and family (heavy emphasis on the family).

This blog will continue and I smile at the URL: trackmytravels, because as a Christian I am always traveling, until the day I will be called home - which we hope won't be for many more years. I'm excited to see what will transpire in the next years and where my travels will lead. I have 4 more months in Hamilton and then I will embark on a new adventure: Southwold with my husband.

Life is crazy. God is great. I am blessed.

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