Friday, August 23, 2013

Meeting my brother, 8 years ago!

I'm in the middle of cleaning up my room and when I was in BC in July, Mami sent me home with some of my old things. In one of those old things (a music duotang that was repurposed to hold my Law 12 notes), I found a loose-leaf piece of paper that I had written down some things about Dani and Peter's visit to Canada, September 2005. Below is that note (exactly as it was written):

Monday September 5

  • Andrew + Dawn Bernardi (maintenance at Kawkawa) drove me to MR, where Papi picked me up
  • Spent the morning + early afternoon @ parents relaxing and helped clean house
  • Drove w/ Papi to airport, did a bunch of shopping on the way (incl. Mami's b-day gift)
  • Met Dani + Peter @ luggage carousel 5 (on video) :)
  • Drove home, stopped to take pictures @ Klingler's house (John's family) on the way - met "new" (30 years) homeowners, learned about ppl Papi grew up with, took pictures
  • Went home (more shopping, Papi wouldn't let Dani buy me alcohol! s) ate supper w/ Ken + Sheree, Mischo + Nicole
  • Peter + Dani went to Ken + Sheree's, we went to bed
Tuesday September 6
  • went for breakfast @ Knight + Day restaurant
  • picked up 15 passenger from Schuetz's
  • got to see CJ, Tyler + friends (were having a "going to school party")
  • drove to the log booms (sp?) at

And that's all I have! It makes me sad that I don't have notes about the rest of our trip. I remember going to Steveston (a little wharf town), touring the cannery (boy, did that smell bad!) and having lunch there (I was the only one who didn't have seafood, because I hated it at the time [I've grown to tolerate it, but I still don't like it]). We also walked along the docks and found a boat that was called "Natascha" - just the way Dani's wife (they weren't married then though, just dating) spells it.

I do also have the old emails that Dani and I exchanged, and while I am trying to clean up, minimize and generally get rid of belongings I don't need, I am sure glad that I'm finding some of these old things. I'm so sentimental, but it's moments like this that I'm thankful :)

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