Sunday, July 15, 2012

Victoria Day Weekend 2012

This post is way outdated.

The May long weekend was one of those weekends that was full of so much goodness, I want to just bask in it for along time.  I wrote most of this on the Monday of the long weekend, so we'll keep it as that.

As I sit here in my pyjamas on Monday morning, enjoying the extra day off, I thank God for how richly He has blessed me.

The weekend began with homework, which may sound unpleasant, but it was actually fantastic.  I'm studying for my Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification and so I headed down to Williams by the bayfront, set up my laptop and plugged away at homework for 3 hours.  I have finished the module on Outlook 2007 and am just about confident enough to schedule my exam.  Then two more and by August I should be MOS Certified!

I came home from work and the house was quiet...ahhh, peaceful.  My landlords had left for the long weekend and so I was able to sleep in soundly on Saturday morning ... except that I had a ton of work to do.  By 7 am I was cleaning the car, by 8 am it was done and I had moved on to wallpapering.  I ran out of time and so I'll be finishing the last couple panels (have to cut them to fit around my window), and then the wallpapering will be DONE!  Next:  painting.  But at least I'm beginning to see significant progress!

Saturday afternoon took me to The Cannon coffee shop for a brief visit with my 'sister' Sarah, a friend from Church on the Rock.  She is making these awesome bracelets to support her mission trip to India.  Click here and find out how you can purchase your own set of bracelets - she does custom made ones as well!  Our visit was short, but wonderful!  Also, she cooked me up a savoury waffle with asparagus, poached eggs, bacon and a lemon dill sauce ... hello:  delicious and "made me" eat gluten-free chocolate cake.  If you have not yet checked out The Cannon, do so - it is well worth your visit to Ottawa Street - and while you're there, explore this gem of Hamilton!

On Saturday evening, Kim and I went to Mike's for his birthday and celebrated with his family, Janna, Nicole and Duane from YA and the ever interrogating, Uncle Art. It was a good time and we enjoyed our visit - even Uncle Art's interrogation that involved a refresher on the "TULIP" reformed doctrine, the difference between total depravity and absolute depravity, women in office and a smattering of other topics. Everyone said I did composed myself pretty well, so that was good. And it was good for a laugh!

Sunday was a busy day, in the morning we joined the family at church at Covenant OPC in Komoka, then we had lunch and headed back to St. Catharines for Alex Banfai's Profession of Faith at Trinity URC. Kim is an excellent cook and made a delicious dinner which Daniel, Mike, Kim and I enjoyed while basking in the beautiful weather - so nice to enjoy dinner on the deck. Kim has a beautiful home and I admire how she takes such good care of it and is so hospitable, something I aspire to be. Then on Sunday night we drove to Dunnville to visit Muddy the Mudcat (an ugly, oversized catfish replica) and celebrate Janna and Monique's birthdays. The evening involved epic times in the back of the family station wagon, sights of 'plastic' cows, fireworks, burning mattresses, silo-climbing and zip-lining over a pond at 11pm (and falling into said pond at 11pm).

Just one of those weekends that was full of friendship, laughter and creating some lasting memories!

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