Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Powerful friends and colleagues

I am so thrilled to write about 2 amazing young women who are changing the world to combat human trafficking.

Tara Teng has just been crowned Miss World Canada 2012 and she has been using every opportunity afforded her to spread the truth about human trafficking, both here in Canada and abroad.  She will be heading to China later this year to represent Canada in the Miss World competition.  Unlike most beauty pageants, this one has a tagline that reflects inner beauty:  "Beauty with a Purpose" - and a purpose indeed!  Tara has also been nominated for two awards from the YWCA Women of Distinction: "Young Woman of Distinction" and "Connecting the Community" awards.  She recently spent a term in Ottawa working alongside MP Joy Smith, the biggest name in Canadian politics in the fight to end human trafficking.  To top it off, Tara is a faithful Christ follower and He guides her every step, and she gives Him all the glory.  Way to go, Tara!

Shae Invidiata is the founder of [free-them], Canada's Women of the Year 2011 Nominee and most recently has been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her work to end human trafficking here in Canada.

I thank the Lord for women like Tara, Shae and lesser known but equally passionate heroes like Michelle, Jennifer, Lauren and so many others that I have the honour to know personally.

I know am praying that God would raise up equally honourable, God-fearing women and men in the fight to end abortion in Canada.  Are you aware that Canada is the only country in the developed world, besides North Korea and China to have NO laws regarding abortion?  It is entirely legal for a woman to have an abortion up until the moment of birth, so long as part of the child is still inside her.  Just writing this makes me nauseous.

I am not the most eloquent, but I sure am passionate and God has given me the gift of networking and I will use it to bring Him glory, honour and to make His name and justice known.  I thank God for the opportunity to shine light on darkness.  Please take 33 minutes to watch this video, it just might change your life:

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