Thursday, April 19, 2012

long days

The last few days have been long, much longer than usual.

My friend SM got a job at our office (yay!) and so we carpool, which, since she lives on the east end of Hamilton, means I leave my house about 20 minutes earlier than typical, it also keeps me accountable to getting work on time (it's funny how you don't feel so bad being a couple minutes late, since 'everyone does' and you justify it by working a few minutes later, and yet, it's sinful to not be diligent, to not give it your best and to essentially be lying to your boss - humbling when you think of it that way, no?).

So anyhow, my days are stretched a little longer with the commute and today I had to leave even earlier to get gas ... I have decided to boycott the Husky near my house.

Gas fiasco story:
I always go to the same pump, but recently the pump has not been reading my credit card - which is fine, I go inside to pay, but it's a bit of an inconvenience.  The last time I went inside to pay I mentioned to the worker (he may own the place) that the card reader doesn't seem to be working and he brushed it off with "our machines are fine, it must be your card" to which I just shook my head, paid my bill and left.  I've also had some difficulty with selecting my grade and the machine restarting, or most recently, the grade I wanted was out and I had to pay 10 cents more for gas.  Today I went and tried a different pump - same problem with the credit card, so then I decided to pocket the card and tried lifting the nozzle to pay inside, but the machine decided it wouldn't work, and then it decided it would all of a sudden, so I pumped a couple drops in and the machine restarted and wouldn't let me select my grade or pump gas, despite having JUST pumped gas.  I went inside to complain and that same attendant was 'serving' a customer who obviously had had a similar problem and he kept saying "well, it's not us, it must be you...", to which she grabbed her card and said "you really need to work on your customer service" and walked out.  I held the door and followed her and drove down the street to the next gas station, with a few drops of unpaid gas in my tank.  I felt bad, but honestly I was so frustrated.

*rant over*

Today was a good day at work, got a bunch of little things done and then it was time to take SM home, meet a friend for coffee and dinner (which ended up being ice cream...), fit in a visitation for a friend's father-in-law and then back downtown to pick up a dress for a collection for underprivileged girls to go to prom.  I got home around 9:45 and I'll be back at SM's for 7 a.m. tomorrow...ahh, tax season.

All that to say, I shouldn't be blogging, I should be sleeping.  Goodnight.

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  1. Love you sweet daughter! Glad you can carpool with a friend! :) I pray God gives you a restful night! HUG!!!