Saturday, January 21, 2012


A few days ago I posted this status on Facebook:

"looking at the volunteer section of my resume ... it's no wonder I'm single"

It wasn't an attempt to fish for compliments or to pat myself on the back, at all, it was merely an observation. A wise friend commented:

"shouldn't it be more like..."looking at the singularity of my life right now its no wonder i volunteer!" :D"

So true, eh?

The last month or so has really ramped up in terms of commitments and I just thank God for the work He has done in my life and for the place He has placed me to be able to serve Him.

Personally, I'm working on the 'renovations' at home which take up my evenings when it's too late to meet with people about ...

ARPA - working on getting a group to Ottawa for the pro-life rally in May
AORYA - planning our next social event and our spring conference
IAAP - planning our spring conference
AEFA - organizing details for our fundraiser in support of IJM

These are exciting times to be sure, but it is imperative that I not get side-tracked and put God on the back-burner. I find it interesting how we are called to give him the first-fruits (how often did someone in the OT die for trying to pass off their seconds or thirds to God as the best, because they wanted it for themselves?), and yet so many of us give God whatever money we have after we have paid our bills, bought our groceries and even paid for entertainment; we give him the few minutes before we fall asleep; we pray while we're on the run, using the excuse that we just don't have the time to sit still.

Really? We don't have time to give to our God, our Creator, our Saviour, our Purpose? How messed up is that?

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