Tuesday, November 01, 2011


November is National Blog Posting Month. I can never seem to find enough time to blog each week, let alone each day. I also like to be challenged - but have found the 365-day challenge to be a little too much of an undertaking, for now anyways.

This is my attempt to blog once a day for 30 days straight. Even if just to say 'hello' (okay, each post has to have at least 3, no 5 sentences. Deal?)

Tonight after work I went to Shirley's house and we crafted! First though, she fed me a delicious supper and I watched as my 'adopted' niece showed me her newest skill: walking! Her older brother sat by on the potty, but despite the encouragement and prompting from all 3 adults in the room, he just didn't have to go. Quite the opposite of one of my favourite Robert Munsch books "I Have to go PEE!" I had some quality time with the kids (once mommy released junior from his potty jail and he came and gave Niki a hug) and really enjoyed reconnecting with Shirley and getting some Christmas cards done and also some place cards for a Christmas party in December.

I'm exhausted, so I'm keeping this short and going to bed. I'm doing a major mail-out at the office and need to go in early tomorrow ... :S


  1. Oh I like your daily posts! But it isn't easy, I agree!
    Potty training = the second labour IMO!! ;) (the third labour is learning/teaching reading) :)

  2. I thought it was NaNoWriMo? Which I've tried a couple of years now but which I always fail. I never have enough inspiration to write a novel. It would be amazing though....sigh...

    I TRIED to blog again the other day but something is seriously wrong with my LJ - I can't type any text into the blog entry field. Very very strange. :(