Monday, August 22, 2011

online dating ... not for me

I signed up for online dating ... a while ago. I'm not glad that I did. To me it's just rejection on a whole different level. Besides, this time I paid for it.

I was, as you can tell by previous posts, really struggling with being single and I've heard of a number of friends meeting and marrying someone they met online. The online dating scene was one that has been recommended to me for a few years now and up until recently I completely rejected the idea. About a month ago I caved and decided "what do I have to lose"? Sixty bucks apparently.

I'm going to keep my profile 'live' until October when my 3 month membership expires, but I won't renew it and I can promise you I'm not checking it regularly. I go on every few days (1-2x/week) to see if anyone has sent a message, but I'm not expecting anything, nor at this moment do I want anything.

I so desire to simply grow in who I am as a Christ-follower and to seek God's will for my life and not just in the matter of dating. I'm actually fed up with it at the moment.

There is a nice guy who's company I enjoy but I'm not pursuing anything and in fact when I last saw him, I deliberately made a point of talking to others before him so that I could really enjoy myself. And guess what? I had an excellent time. Sure, we talked and hung out but there was absolutely no pressure, it felt healthy to be with friends and not be so pre-occupied.

Each day I learn a little bit more about contentment.


  1. Sweetheart, I love you! Day by day and trusting God always. Keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Shanon could tell you a thing or two about that. Wish I could make your wishes come true, but God knows what is best, so it's a good thing I can't give you everything. You'll always have my love:)