Wednesday, June 01, 2011

real estate agents

What I learned at work today:

Real estate agents are ridiculously good-looking. I think it might be part of their charm as sales people - it seems the really successful sales representatives are usually really attractive. This isn't meant to be a shallow post, merely an observation.

Why real estate agents? It was one of the business cards I had to input in my boss' contact list.

I'm updating business cards that have been sitting on her desk for...well, could be a couple years as some of the cards I've come across have been outdated. It's a rather lengthy process, I take the business card, google the company, search for the person to confirm they're still with the company and then check the contact page to make sure the address on the business card matches the website (they don't always).

This is not the first pile of cards I've gone through. I forgot about this pile, she must've given it to me near the start of my job, as the elastic was so worn it had broken off. Oops! There are 69 in this pile, some may be duplicates, it appears a few are in-house contacts and some may already be in her contact system. It was the task of the day!

I really love my job and I must reiterate a statement from a few posts back: "Websites that have staff contact information are a lifesaver!"


  1. teachers are good-looking too.

    ...awkward joke.

    um. also. i noticed i'm a top priority when it comes to blog links (...slash, it's alphabetical...) um. can you update that link? i just (just!) (re)created a blog (courtesy of a bargain with lauren):
    and then in return can i link yours? why thank you! <3

  2. you're amazing darling! miss you!