Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I tried posting a comment on a blog and was told it was 'awaiting moderation'. Normally I don't care too much and usually won't even go back to look at further comments, or to see if my comment was approved - I guess I just blindly believe that the comments will be approved and I'm not usually looking for discussion, just want to throw my voice in the internet conversation.

This time though, I decided to go back and look. My reason? It was a blog for really trendy, artsy people who tend to be very pro-free speech and giving the people a voice and are quite critical of many things that I stand for (conservative governments, right-wing mindset, traditional, etc.; don't misunderstand: you can be pro-free speech and giving people a voice AND right-wing, I am) I wrote what I believed to be a fair, but slightly opposing comment, to the author. In his blog he stated:

"Personally I think it rates at least number 5."

A statement that is neither here nor there and really has no conflict associated with it. I read the article he was referring to (which there is no point linking to, since that has now changed...sigh!) and noticed that in the original article there was a statement indicating that although there were 25 items listed, they were not ranked, that was not the purpose of the list; it was just that, a list and only a list.

So, I wrote a comment, agreeing with most of the author's original post and a sidenote stating that he should read the original article as it clearly stated "there was no ranking indicated".

My comment was never posted and I went back today and saw this:

"Comments are closed."

It looks as though they have turned commenting off on all previous posts, but the most current post still allows comments. I just found it to be curious ... from a group of people that always seem to preach "acceptance, love, etc.", I found it ironic that I was censored.


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  1. I have written what I think were very balanced and kind comments with a different view on various blogs - and many of them have either not been published or have been struck down, sometimes very meanly.
    I guess free speech isn't really free unless you agree with it?