Monday, April 25, 2011

Being productive

Today was a really productive day - and in some ways, unexpectedly so.

First, I woke up and was able to create a really fantastic up-do - in about 3 minutes. I received at least half a dozen compliments on it today at work (moral of the story: sleeping in and reducing the time in front of the mirror, pays off).

I was productive at work, found some errors in our database management system and was able to correct reporting, while learning a little bit more about the software.

Was given permission to leave the office early to do some errands, and got home before the work day was officially over. That was probably my highlight!

Finally got groceries again and in the process of filling the fridge, noticed there was a spill and so I cleaned the fridge, filled it up again and made some delicious food. Dinner was the last of pork chops and herb pasta (lacked the veggies, oops!). I then made a chicken and broccoli casserole which I'll enjoy before going to Zumba tomorrow night, and also a caramel custard dessert.

While cooking and baking and cleaning (oh yeah, the dishes are all done too!), I made a few phone calls and connected with some good friends, updated one friend on my single-again status, as she thought I was in Ottawa with Tim for Easter (nope...)

Now I'm working away on the Freethem Gala for Canada Fights Human Trafficking that is being held on Friday, May 13 in Woodbridge (Vaughan), just north of Toronto. I've been asked to coordinate the event and am working late into the night to get everything pulled together. Just a little over 2 weeks left to pull it off. Prayers are coveted.

This past weekend we celebrated the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I thoroughly enjoyed my Easter Sunday with my dear friend Lauren, her husband Tom, Lauren's family and Tom's brothers. We attended Rehoboth, enjoyed Easter dinner (lunch) together, sang hymns, read the resurrection story and generally enjoyed each other's company; we then went back to church for the afternoon service and reunited at Lauren's parents for a delicious evening of coffee and baked goods (courtesy of Lauren and Matt) and a hilarious round of Telephone Pictionary. It truly was a beautiful day.

My family back in BC has been on my mind, especially as we'll be experiencing 'firsts' all year - this was the first Easter without Papi, soon it will be the first Father's Day and I know that it is a little easier for me because I had moved out so long ago, that Papi wasn't a part of my everyday life-but there are certainly days when I realize just how much I would love to hear his voice again or read an email, or just call him up for some advice in which he would tell me "you don't need a man!" (pretty sure that was a standard piece of advice in every communication we had...

Alas, it's back to the CFHT drawing board for me tonight and hopefully rest will come soon.

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  1. moral of the story: sleeping in and reducing the time in front of the mirror, pays off -- love it!

    and all those "firsts" get easier as time heals ((( hugs ))).