Sunday, March 13, 2011

life in March

How does one sum up the last couple months? I haven't blogged, or even done personal journalling, because I haven't known how to comprehend my thoughts - let alone put them down on paper (or type them out) and share them with the world.

My dad passed away after a short battle with cancer. He went to the hospital on October 31, we found out it was cancer on November 16 (his 57th birthday), and 2 months and a little later, January 25, he passed away. I kept receiving the most encouraging words from people in the church and those that had gone to visit him in his last days - he wouldn't let an opportunity escape to share the love of God with those who visited him. I suppose when your faced with the reality of death it's natural to become very passionate about those things that matter most - it seems all else fades away, and what remains in those last days are things that cannot be kept to yourself. You do your best to make amends, to share your love and your passions, to pass wisdom on to others in a final effort to make your lasting impact on this earth. I believe my dad was always very clear about his beliefs - probably more bold than most.

My hope is that I will not wait until my life is drawing to a close before I choose to convey my thoughts, feelings and passions with the world.

In January I fulfilled a life long dream and went and served in Haiti. I got to cross 2 more things off my bucket list! More than my BL though, I got to serve the people of Haiti and be blessed in return. Perhaps I will figure out how to post the powerpoint on my blog and you can look through the photos at your leisure. Or, if your in the area, call me and I'll gladly sit down with you myself and go through the pictures.

In February I started dating Tim. Tim is from Ottawa and is the kind of man I have prayed for. He loves God, he's in ministry, he loves the outdoors, he loves board games and we can talk for hours on end. It's such a blessing to have someone in my life that I can share my passions with and not feel as though I'm being "too emotional" or "spending too much of my time volunteering". I know there's a delicate balance and I'm working on defining more of who I am and what is healthy and Tim seems to be a really good counterweight and source of wisdom. For that, I'm thankful.

Also in February I held the 5th annual Dessert Party in support of Canada Fights Human Trafficking. We raised more than $2000 and served dessert and sold art to more than 140 guests. It was mind-blowing and so exciting. I can hardly wait for DP 2012 - but I'm also enjoying the break. ;)

Work is amazing. I work for an accountant and they have been so gracious in helping with time off and bereavement and everything else that comes with losing a parent on the other side of the country, immediately following a 2 week mission trip to the third world. I could not work for a more supportive group and I don't forget that for a moment.

Goals for the next while: write some more letters and print some more photos and get them framed. Get a little more organized and a little less busy. Ambitious? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. Possible? I sure hope so!

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