Saturday, March 13, 2010

a ridiculous wind

Well that weather was crazy.

Gusts of up to 83 km/h.

I was optimistic in thinking that the wind was blowing me so fiercely because of all the weight I've lost. :) I must've looked like a crazy woman laughing to myself in the wind and rain.

It was so windy at times that I couldn't walk, let alone walking straight the rest of the time.

I'm inside now and 3 hours later with the fireplace on full blast, I've finally warmed up.



  1. I was out working w. Shanon today and there was quite a strong wind at times. We waited at Thriftys to be let in and guess who walked by? Bronwyn. I rolled down the window and called her :)
    Went to Nana's for dinner, w. Ashton tonight. Maybe we can talk on the phone tomorrow. Hugs!

  2. ha, what are the chances you run into her? I suppose she DOES work there... fun!