Wednesday, January 20, 2010


On January 11 I started the workout portion of the medical study at Mac that I'm part of (called IDEAL = Improving Diet Exercise and Lifestyle). It involves me working out 7 days a week, doing cardio every day and burning at least 250 calories a session. Five of those days I go to McMaster and work out right after work and usually get home around 8:30 pm. Saturday and Sunday I do my own workouts at home.

This is a really good way to get in shape and I'm especially motivated since I'm accountable to Ash (who did the study in the fall) and Shirley (who's doing it right now), not to mention the dozen or so staff of the study who hold you accountable.

Since I'm getting home so late I'm falling behind on my social life. I have 19 phone messages on my machine and had 17 e-mails in one of my inboxes. This is ridiculous.

I've spent the last hour making calls and replying to e-mails. I have a few more calls/e-mails to make/write tomorrow night, since I want to get into the shower (aka, it!) and get to bed.

I thought tomorrow was Friday but it's only Thursday, which is actually really good, considering I now have an 'extra day' to do stuff that needs to be done. Wedding gift for Mike and Brandy (wedding on Saturday), hair appointment for Saturday, clean my room for the electrician on Friday (since the panel is in my closet), get a present for Tracey (party on Sunday), make Tracey a birthday card. Oh right and go to work and get my work-outs in. Also, Friday night is a stampin' up party at Cindy's parents' garden center.

Oh! And one more thing, I'm reading through the Bible this year. I only skipped Saturday since I was so upset about a multitude of things (life coming crashing down all at once from every direction... life has regained its balance, mostly, since then) that I just fell asleep crying. It's been a really long time since I've done that and it was one of the best sleeps I had in a long time. But, other than that slight lapse (and I got caught up on Sunday morning), I'm totally on track. I'm finishing Genesis tonight!

Phileo dear friends,

(and for Lauren: fileo from fliki)


  1. oh, I thought that you needed to clean your room for the electrician for a completely dirty reason! lol

  2. Hey! When are you doing your work-outs at Mac? Are you doing it at the pulse? I've been going recently right after work, maybe we can catch up one night after you're done

  3. dude! fileo for phlams, too! i read this thing sometimes, you know!
    ps look for a mass email soon (haha, oh boy) & i'll see you in a few months!
    muchos amoure! (or whatever - they only speak english in this country)

  4. Vicki - I'm either at the Pulse or at the Ivor Wynn Centre and I go right after work too. I usually finish around 6:30. Call me (I don't have your number), or e-mail me and let me know when you want to get together!

    Plhamand - tis true, I'm sorry! I hope you're having an incredible time in England and am really looking forward to you being back!