Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is TOMORROW (kinda)

So tomorrow may only be December 19, but in my house it will be Christmas! My friends are coming over for Christmas dinner, but I'm treating it as though it is fully Christmas day-with a sit down turkey & ham dinner, Christmas crackers (the kind you pull and 'crack', not the ones you eat, PAPI...) and maybe even some Christmas games. I doubt I can convince them to go carolling, but it'll still be Christmas.

I am SO excited!

and a little nervous.

But mostly, excited!!

I still have to sweep and mop the floors and finish a few Christmas ornaments, set the second table and write some cards.

Oh yeah, and cook a turkey. And a ham.

I really hope it goes well and everyone enjoys themselves. It's the time of year to show those you love just how much you care (cliche, I know, but whatever). I value each of my friends that are coming and look forward to spending the evening with them.

Not all my friends are coming, just a few...when I have a big house, maybe then I can invite everyone. Then again...that'd be a LOT of people.

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  1. Tomorrow, I had to check the calendar, so it's really tomorrow :), actually, at your end it's already today.
    I've read all the posts, find the word verification too time consuming, of which I haven't enough, so you get only one comment.
    Nice cards!
    If the tolerance went both ways (Religion in school) and if it was ALL- inclusive, but besides that, it's CHRISTMAS, hello!! about the little boy... unreal!
    The kid's sayings are funny, aren't they? The medical question is too.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your friends tomorrow! I'll watch Ashton in the morning, while dad is at work and mom is at the Christmas hamper 'store', then it's sleep before working another 8 hrs. OT tomorrow night.
    I wrote 4 Christmas cards at work, to my mom, Dorli, Kaethy and Martina. Yours is in your package, that's still here :P. I guess I should be in a panic, but I decided not to.
    I don't even have time to read my friends blogs very much, never mind your friends'.
    Love ya!!! Muuuuuuuuuuuuua :)