Sunday, December 13, 2009

christmas cards

I can't seem to fix the rotation of the first picture, even though I changed it in iPhoto. Oh well. It's one of my favourites.

Unfortunately though all of the pictures have a yellowish tinge to them. Maybe with my new fancy shmancy camera (these were taken a while ago), I can work at eliminating that. Enjoy!


Edit-December 16/09 - fixed (as much as possible), see below.

Nana & Papa's card

Brandy & Mike's card

Mischo & Ashton's card

Mami & Papi's card


  1. you're so talented, they're beautiful! i wish I was still around so that we could make them together


  2. automatically correcting the pictures in your viewer didn't work for these pics, Niki?

  3. Thank you so much Laura! Maybe next time you come out, we can do a craft day again!

    Shirley, I totally forgot about that-maybe I'll do that and repost...when I have a moment! :)

  4. Lovely cards, Niki! :)