Saturday, November 28, 2009


Beth and Mike got hitched today!

They are super cute and totally in love and it makes me happy to see them with each other and so totally with the person they're meant to be with.

Also, it was my first Dutch wedding.

Oh yeah, and in between the ceremony and the reception, we wandered into our friend Ruben's house, since it was unlocked (he was slower than us and it was ccccold outside *baby, it's cold outside...*). We found out once Ruben got there that the reason it was unlocked is because his poor roommate, who works nights, was home, sleeping. We didn't know he had a roommate. Sorry roommate, who's name is also Ruben, although spelled "Rueben".

Also, before the ceremony: two dresses were left in Hamilton; the wedding was in Jordan Station. This caused a slight delay...but it all worked out in the end.

And hokey small world moment(s)!!

Moment 1: We were singing hymns to pass some time (and also because Dutch people love hymns, which is good, because I love hymns and I also love Dutch people-I sometimes think I should be Dutch) and I turned around and saw Paul & Jody. Paul and Jody are my former landlords best friends! They are also Beth's aunt and uncle, I forgot that fact at first.

Moment 2: back story first...

Early last school year (Sept/Oct '08), a bunch of us girls were hanging out in Miriam's dorm and were going through the Redeemer student book. We came across a photo of Steve. Steve is apparently the 'male version of Niki' (as in, he knows a ridiculous number of people in ridiculous ways).

Fast-forward: Steve keeps popping up in people's facebook profiles in pictures and wall-posts. No biggie, never met the guy.

Fast-forward to two weeks ago: I'm on the bus going to church and this guy sitting across from me looks really familiar. He got off the same stop as I did and so being my typical self, I approached him and asked "are you Steve so-and-so?" "yeah". "Hi, my name is Niki and apparently we have a lot of friends in common and well, I recognized you from some pictures I saw and just had to say hi". (I have no shame).

Moment 2 (officially): Fast-forward AGAIN (to today): guess who's at the wedding?! So at the reception I go up to him and kneel down beside his chair and ...

"uh, yeah?" (looking really weirded out, he wasn't the last time...)
"uhm, so I, uh" (CRAP!!! whattheheckdoisaythistime?) "we met on the bus a couple weeks ago...erm, we have mutual friends (I wave my hand and try to connect dots to the people sitting at his table who are my friends, and him...) and uh, yeah..." (I start to trail)
(blushing) "uhm, yeah...I just wanted to say hi"
"what the heck is happening?? What is happening to my world??"
"I just wanted to say hi, so 'hi'...uhm, have fun...bye!"


I admit, I am ridiculous. I also love meeting people, but then get really awkward after the initial hellos.

The story of Steve is going to make me laugh for days, and hopefully months, to come.

After the reception, since it was over in the early evening (morning wedding with an afternoon reception), we went to Dave & Renee's for games. Dave ditched us for homework. The rest of us who were there had fun and played "Up the River, Down the River" and had some really good talks about justice and serious issues (abortion, Holocaust) and what we as Christians are to do. It looks like we might do another event in support of IJM!!! (SO EXCITED!)

Now I'm home, bathed and ready for bed.

Hope you enjoyed my recollections of my most wonderful day.


  1. I enjoyed it. What with "What is happening to my world?" Did he actually say that or was it just what his facial expression said?
    I find I can talk for hours with people when I first meet them, but get to know them better, I'm lousy at making conversation. What's up with that? Because then I care what they think of me?

  2. You totally weren't awkward talking to Steve! You were your usual bubbly self :)

    Annnnnnnnnnd we played Bingo at Friendship Club last week and I decided that I want to incorporate BINGO!!! into our games night for IJM :)