Monday, October 12, 2009


It's my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 26 some might say I shouldn't be so "immature", but you know what? It's a day to celebrate my birth and all the cool things that have happened, particularly in this last year.

Some highlights of my 25th year would include:
  • October: well, there was the date-I-should-never-have-gone-on. While not the most wonderful of memories, it's definitely memorable and started off the year with a laugh! (after the fact)
  • November: World's Largest Fondue Party in support of Stop the Traffik!
  • December: cooking my first ever turkey! Volunteering at WUM on Christmas Day, fulfilling a life goal.
  • January: visiting my dear friend Laura in Borden before they moved to Quebec. Visiting with Darrell who came out from Alberta for a visit!
  • February: Valentines dinner and dance for Cindy's soccer team. First Art Crawl experience!
  • March: finished Driver's Ed course!
  • April: Newsboys concert, FRONT ROW!
  • May: my oldest brother getting married! (which included smaller, but equally important milestones-meeting my niece and my sister-in-law) and my trip to Switzerland to visit my family for the first time in 6 years!
  • June: Canoe trip to Massassauga with friends-"can someone show me the toilet?" Fourth annual Dessert Party!
  • July: being a bridesmaid/maid of honour in the wedding of my friends Brad & Gen
  • August: the Festival of Friends, aka the Festival of Rain.
  • September: our event to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking
  • October: amazing friends who have shown me just how much they love me.
We're doing a two-day birthday celebration, since most things are closed today (being Thanksgiving Monday). So, we went bowling yesterday and I was going to only go bowling, allowing myself to do other things (i.e., HOMEWORK), but instead after church we went to Matt's for lunch, where I got a cool book from Wendy (which of course I can't tell you the name of since I left it at the Leaker's) about the persecuted church. Then we rushed to Upper Ottawa and Fennell to go bowling, there were 10 of us. Just as we wrapped up, the Ross' showed up and we all went out for dinner at Montana's where we celebrated Carly (also Oct. 12), Laura (Oct. 15) and my birthday's. After nearly everyone left, Wendy, Matt, Joey, Laura, Tyler and I stayed at Montana's and talked until they closed (oops!). THEN, we went to Wendy's house and listened to Tyler play guitar for a couple hours while we chatted. Oh, and during the whole day I wore a princess banner and tiara and at one point during bowling I was wearing a shoelace with princess balloons tied to it as a tail. It was meant to embarrass me, but much to their surprise, I embraced it. (I would've thought they'd know me by now?!)

And now today, as if that wasn't enough, people are coming over at 4 pm and we're going to dinner again, ice cream cake, games and maybe watch some episodes of BBT. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that Wendy will want to show the videos of me dancing around in the bowling alley...hmmm.

On top of all this wonderful stuff, there's more!!

Last week, Jeff and Shirley gave me the first two seasons of Big Bang Theory! I'm having way too much fun with them and like I wrote, hope to expose more friends to them tonight!

Grossmami sent me a huge package from Switzerland that included a whole lot of handtowels and also a couple table runners which she wove, a purse, a photo of her (she looks GREAT for 83!) and waaaay too much chocolate! :) (I'll be sharing!)

My friend Cindy who is in Australia at the moment and couldn't be here, gave me a couple presents before she left which I wasn't allowed to open until my birthday. I've opened them now and they are SO cool! She got me a book by Beth Moore titled "90 Days with the One and Only", it's a bible study that her and Wendy did last year that they loved! She also got me a couple stamping supplies, including two clear mounting blocks and a set of removable stamps. I can't wait to use them (along with 5 sheets of removable stamps I got from Robyn that I haven't been able to use without a mounting block).

My friend and co-worker Claudia gave me the most beautiful purple wrap scarf!

My nana and papa also gave my mom a cheque to deposit in my account, which is awesome!

As if the gifts aren't enough, I've been getting cards from my awesome friends too! Matt and Wendy gave me the leftover food from lunch yesterday so I can feed people today when they come over and my friend Tracey has bought me an ice cream cake for tonight. I feel ridiculously loved today, this week and this month!

This has been a great year!


  1. Happy Birthday! Glad you had such a great year. I can't believe you have survived this seem to do enough stuff to fill twice as many years, which means you are looking fantastic for a 52 year old!

  2. why thank you Darrell! I'll take that as a compliment :)